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Open Air Pub
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Origin: OAP originated in the early 1980s

Open Air Pub (OAP) is an event run annually by the Engineering Undergraduate Society. It is an open air pub, music festival and barbeque. The event takes place for two weeks at the beginning of the Fall semester and for two days in April.


The profits from OAP in the fall go to the operations of the EUS. The profits from OAP Lite are donated to the President's Choice Childrens' Charity. In the past, OAP Lite profits have been donated to other charities, but the current partnership with Provigo gives us up to $25,000 of sponsored food in exchange for our donation of OAP Lite profits.

Organization and Planning

OAP is organized by a group of 10-15 EUS members. Usually, they are engineering students, but this is not required. The students who organize OAP are called OAP Managers. The OAP managers for the following year are selected by the current managers. Once you are selected to be an OAP manager, it is customary for you to hold that position until you graduate.

The majority of the planning of Fall OAP happens during the summer, while the planning of April OAP (Called 'OAP Lite') happens throughout the school year.


OAP in the fall takes place the week before Labour day (Monday through Friday) and the week of Labour day (Tuesday through Friday). It typically is not open on weekends or on Labour day because of the high cost of hiring McGill security on overtime.


Homecoming 2015


OAP paired up with McGill Athletic's during homecoming for 2015 & 2016 (almost 2017). The annual homecoming game featured live music, open BBQ grills run by student volunteers, and OAPrices. It ceased in 2017 due to beer price requirements at Molson Stadium

Snow AP

From 2000-2009, the OAP Committee ran Snow AP, a winter rendition of the event. It featured large tents over the field, heat lamps, and snow. It eventually stopped due to increasing cost of running the event, general coldness, and the environmental impact of the gasoline used for heat lamps.