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Folder Minutes Reports

# Type Item Notes Decision
6.01 Motion Referendum to Increase the Society Fee Motion for council to support increasing the societies' fee in the upcoming referendum Passed
6.02 Motion Referendum to Increment the Society Fee According to Inflation Motion for council to support the referendum question to allow the societies' fee to increase with respect to inflation. Striked after some debate due to lack of specificity on the numbers in question. Striked
6.03 Motion Referendum to Increase the DTF Fee Motion for council to support the DTF fee increase Passed
6.04 Motion Selection of New Members for Board of Governors Members of the BoG are selected at the beginning of every fall semester by council. The discussion goes to a confidential session, after which Alex Scheffel, Katharine Callahan, Thomas Hillyer, and Gareth Price have been elected. Passed
6.05 Motion Selection of the Members at Large for Special Budget Review Meeting Initially before 6.04, moved afterwards so BoG could be selected. Members to sit on F2017 budget review. Passed
6.06 Motion Selection of Members at Large for CDE SelComm A general member must sit on the selcomm which decides CDE delegates. Ajay Patel is selected. Passed