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Eus logo.png
Current Executive Team
President Owen Quinn
VP Finance Ryan Reszetnik
VP Academic Currently Vacant
VP Internal Michael Parsons
VP External Kells Mason Moore
VP Communication Ali Tahmasebi
VP Student Life Andrew Xie
VP Events Raquel Moratinos

The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) is the representative body of the undergraduate students of engineering at McGill University. The EUS is a full-fledged not-for-profit organization that is financially independant from McGill. Its relation with McGill is defined in a Memorandum of Agreement.

Departmental Societies

Each undergraduate engineering discipline is represented by a departmental society. Departmental societies are student groups dedicated to their respective constituents, through academic advocacy, event planning and more. Each has it's own structure, constitution, and traditions.

EUS Mall

The EUS Mall

In 1998, the EUS office was relocated from its original location, McDonald 278, to it's current one, McConnell Room 7. The McConnell Engineering Building then became the new home for all EUS activities. The northeast corner of the first floor was turned into a commercial area for all the EUS Services. This area, now coined the EUS Mall, has become the centerpiece for all things EUS.

What's here?

EUS Office

EUS Office.JPG
The EUS Office on a typical Monday
Location McConnell Engineering Building, Room 7
Hours 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:00
Phone 514-398-4396

The Office of the Engineering Undergraduate Society, or EUS Office, is the main office of the Engineering Undergraduate Society and the Executive Committee. It serves as the administrative hub of the EUS for all of its business operations such as sending/receiving mail, general inquiries, financial operations etc. The President's office and VP Finance's office are both located in the EUS office.


The EUS Office was first located in the Macdonald Engineering Building room 278. In June 1997 it was relocated to it's current location McConnell Engineering Building room 7. In Winter 2017 the office began some major upgrades such as replacing all the old furniture, desks and appliances.

Office Services