Frank Dawson Adams Building

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The Frank Dawson Adams Building is no stranger to the average McGill student. Home to the Schulich Library of Engineering and Sciences, McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC), and gateway to the ever-in-construction Macdonald-Harrington Building, FDA is a building one can not miss. Located on University Street, FDA is readily accessible for students seeking advising, study space, or enroute to class.


The building is named after Frank Dawson Adams, a Canadian geologist who attended McGill University to study geology under the Applied Science Program. He served as the Dean of the faculty and vice-principal of the University. The building is named in his honor.


Located at 3450 University Street, FDA is most easily accessible through its main entrance on University Street, opposite the Presbyterian College. FDA is also interconnected to a couple of university buildings.

Access Pathways

The building can also be accessed through McConnell Engineering Building leading up the pathway, entering the building from the right hand side near the main entrance. The building also has another access door that opens towards the university, facing Lower Field.

Important Rooms

FDA is an important building, as it hosts MESC including the Student Affairs Office, Career Centre, and Student Center. MESC is easily visible upon walking through the main corridor.

Other Resources Available

  1. There is a counter for EWB, most easily accessible through the main entrance of University Street.
  2. A U-Print machine for printing and scanning is available on the access pathway towards McConnell Engineering Building towards the right corridor of the building.
  3. There are a couple rooms which can be booked on EUS Room Booking System, apt for conferences and presentations. These rooms feature entry key-cards and ample space.