Macdonald-Harrington Building

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The MacDonald-Harrington Building is quite a popular destination for first-years and other engineering students. Currently in construction till an unforeseeable future, the MacDonald-Harrington Building is accessible through FDA. The MacDonald-Harrington building famously hosts the G10 classroom which most first-year students have freshman classes in.


The MacDonald-Harrington building was initially named the Macdonald Chemistry building but was renamed after Bernard Harrington -- the building's first chemistry professor. The building consists of one of the many donations made by Sir William Macdonald. Legend says its been in construction since 1896.


Located at 815 Sherbrooke St W, the MacDonald-Harrington building is accessed through the entrance opposite Schulich Library. The building is quite note-worthy due to its distinct architecture and is found between the Frank Dawson Adams building and the Macdonald Engineering Building.

Important Rooms

The building hosts many classes for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. The building also has the G10 class which most first-year engineering students have classes in.