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Design teams within the EUS are collectively under the portfolio of the VP Student Life

Distinguishing Features

Design Teams are EUS groups which design and build their own original design to compete in engineering competitions across North America. They do everything from build rockets to building fully electric cars, and the whole process is entirely student lead which allows McGill students to apply what they've learned in the classroom in the real world. The teams are overseen and supported by the VP Student Life as well as the design team director, but are essentially autonomous to run independently like EUS clubs. There is a massive amount to learn and create in design teams, and are one of the most fulfilling and rewarding engineering experiences available to undergraduates at McGill.


The Following is a document outlining all the powers and duties of the EUS Executive Committee as outlined in the EUS Constitution, EUS Bylaws and EUS Policies, as amended in September of 2017.

Design Team Guidebook

Design Team Guidebook

Info on how to operate as a Design Team within the EUS!