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McGill Formula Electric
MFE Logo BlackLettering.png
An engineering design team made up of motivated students united by the challenge of building a 100% electric race car to compete against universities from around the world.
Year founded 1994
Official Competitions FSAE North, FSAE California
Friendly Competitions Pittsburgh Shootouts, UofT Shootouts
Recruitment Every year in Sept and Jan (check out the Job Board at that time)
Links Facebook, Website
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McGill Formula Electric is an engineering design team that designs, manufactures, and competes a formula-style, open wheel, electric prototype with a full CFRP monocoque. The team strives to understand, develop, and implement the latest in green technology in order to produce the most competitive electric prototype and to be able to enter the workforce equipped to engineer a more sustainable future. This project stems from the continuous improvements made over the course of 20 years in McGill’s FSAE Chapter, and even a merger between two very competitive teams.


The Merger

In September 2017, McGill Formula Electric and the McGill Racing Team merged into one single Design Team with the name McGill Formula Electric. Due to advancements in material development and the market evolving towards renewable resources, both teams elected to combine knowledge and resources to produce a single formula-style, open wheel, electric prototype with a full CFRP monocoque.

McGill Racing Team

The McGill Racing Team (MRT) was established in 1994 and, throughout the years, built 18 combustion cars. The team competed in FSAE Michigan, FSAE Lincoln, Formula North, Toronto FSAE Shootout, and Formula Student Germany.

McGill EV

McGill EV was established in 2013 and built 4 fully electric cars before merging with MRT.

Competition Results

McGill Formula Electric Competition Results

FSAE Lincoln 2019: 1st Overall

Pittsburgh Shootout: 2nd place

UofT Shootout: 2nd place

FSAE North 2019: 5th Overall

FSAE Lincoln 2018: 2nd Overall

UofT Shootout: 2nd place

Formula North 2018: 4th Overall

Team Leadership

Position MFE21 MFE20 MFE19
Captain Ella Reifsnyder Ali Al-taher and Ella Reifsnyder Jean-Christophe Bélanger
Technical Director Etienne Poulin Felix Lamy
Subteam Leads Aerodynamics: Benjamin Munt

Dynamics: Matteo Barbieri, Matt Langshur (Suspension), Simeon Radev (Brakes), Jad Ghorayeb (Gearbox)

Electronics: Guillaume Richard, Aidan Gerkis (Data Acquisition)

Frame and Body: David Green (Chassis), Michael Maddalena (Ergonomics)

Powertrain: Sakib Hasan

Vehicle Dynamics: Kattly Li, Andrew Medina, Erin O'Neill (Controls)

Aerodynamics: Benjamin Munt and Jad Ghorayeb

Dynamics: Matteo Barbieri, Matt Langshur (Suspension), Simeon Radev (Brakes and Steering)

Electronics: Trevor O'Leary, Eliott Bourachot (Software)

Chassis: David Green, Amy Hayes

Powertrain: Sresht Annadevara, Sarah Jurchuk

Vehicle Dynamics: Felix Lamy, Erin O'Neill (Controls)

Aerodynamics: Antoine Demeire, Ali Al-taher

Dynamics: Matt Langshur (Suspension), Mitchell Cohen (Ergonomics)

Electronics: Michael Verrecchia

Chassis: Etienne Poulin

Powertrain: Sresht Annadevara, Jasmine Tac

Vehicle Dynamics: Eric Schyle