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One rental service that the EUS offers is Lockers. The EUS provides you with both a lock and a locker. The lockers are available in half sizes and full sizes and are located in the McConnell building, Frank Dawson Adams Building, Wong Building and Trottier Building. Lockers can be rented for the full academic year and summer semesters. Lockers are managed by the Space Manager and administered by the Admin Manager in the EUS Office.


The price to rent a locker consists of a fee and a refundable deposit. The fee is based off just the size of the locker, not the location. The deposit is returned when the lock is returned at the end of the semester. In cases where an already rented locker is being renewed the deposit is retained until the locker is not renewed. For example if you rented a half-sized locker for the school year and wanted to renew it for the summer then you would only pay the $5 fee. The deposit would be kept until you choose not to renew the locker. See table below for pricing.

Semester Size Refundable Deposit Fee Total
Fall & Winter Half $20 $15 $35
Summer Half $20 $5 $25
Fall & Winter Full $20 $25 $45
Summer Full $20 $10 $30


Lockers rentals begin on the first day of classes in the fall the semester on a first come, first served basis. The deadline to return the lock or renew it for the summer is usually the week after exams end in the winter semester. You will receive an e-mail about a month before with the exact deadline.

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