Departmental Trips Fund

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Departmental Trips Fund
Annual Amount ~$6,000
Allocators EUS Executive Committee
Distribution Throughout Sept-April
Who can apply Departments

The Departmental Trips Fund is a dedicated sum of money allocated from the operating budget of the EUS, mainly student fees, to which engineering departmental societies can apply to.


There are three categories of trips defined in the bylaws which have different requirements and criteria:

  1. Sports Trips: $5/student
  2. Industry Tours (day-trip): $5/student
  3. Conferences: $75/student

Keep in mind that these are maximum values. Depending on how full the fund is and how beneficial your trip is to students, the amount given may vary.


You can apply to the Departmental Trips Fund at all times by emailing your full application to the VP Finance of the EUS. This fund is allocated in a first come first serve basis; it is always best to apply as early in the year as possible.
Be reasonable when asking for support and indicate other funding sources when applying – the departmental trips fund is relatively small and does anticipate that students will still have to pay out of pocket for some expenses. This fund is helpful in reducing, but not eliminating trip costs.
The application requires the following documents to be submitted:

  1. Written request
  2. Detailed itinerary
  3. Budget
  4. List of participants, and their departments

Example Funds Request

Here is an example letter to request money from the EUS Departmental Trips Fund:
File:DepTripsFund ex.pdf


The Departmental Trips Fund is allocated to both annual events such as Mech Madness, as well as new industry tours or conferences. Further examples include:

  • Canadian Chemical Conference
  • $50/person, 17 people
  • Biomomentum Tour
  • $5/person, 16 people
  • $15/person, 49 participants
  • $75/person, 8 people
  • $75/person, 16 people
  • $5/person, 13 people