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Folder Minutes

# Type Item Description Decision
9a Discussion Execs - BoG - GA Discussion on the nature of mandating executives, what is fair, etc. N/A
9b Discussion Discussion with Execs Breakdown of responsibilities: Execs to handle all things operational, BoG legal, fees, and financial. Streamlining council. N/A
9c Discussion Tasklist & Wishlist Nothing recorded
9d Discussion Formal summer timeline for completion of deliverables Nothing recorded N/A
9e Discussion Board Internal Policy Nothing recorded N/A
9f Discussion Services as committees Change definition of services to Commercial Services, alter how they access funds, change in constitution. N/A
9g Discussion Budget Review Procedures Migration from Council approval of budgets to a Budget Review Committee, to oversight from the Board of Governors N/A
9h Discussion Policy Structure (Organization vs. Structural Policies) Tabled Tabled
9i Discussion Stipend for Bylaws workshop Between $50 - $100 for 5 hours, nothing else recorded N/A
9j Discussion Summer preliminary budget Nothing recorded N/A
9k Discussion OAP Lite budget + Future OAP Budget Requires presentation every month of OAP budget leading up to the event N/A
9l Discussion PBRC/Council PBRC tabled, as they are no longer needed with the Board of Governors N/A
9m Discussion Handbook Blurb Pentcho to write paragraph, group photo needed N/A
9n Discussion Saad’s potential conflict of interest Nothing recorded N/A