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The wiki curators are in charge of maintaining this wiki, in all respects: infrastructure and content alike. They are your best resource when it comes to getting your group / knowledge offloaded onto the wiki. They work behind the scenes of the whole EUSwiki, creating new ways to navigate content (like categories and the launchpad), track updates, and keep everything as accurate as possible in a constantly changing society.


The Wiki Curator position is governed by the IT Committee Policy, namely Article 5:

5.5 The responsibilities of the Wiki Curator(s) shall be to
  • 5.5.1 Uphold the Wiki Policy,
  • 5.5.2 Actively contribute to the EUS Wiki,
  • 5.5.3 Actively encourage and promote both the use of and contribution to the EUS Wiki,
  • 5.5.4 Hold regular work sessions where EUS members will work on updating and creating important wiki articles,
  • 5.5.5 Curate the users & content to ensure the EUS Wiki does not contain unwanted content.

It's a fun bit of work being the Wiki Curator. While you largely have a commitment to adding "relevant" information, you can also focus on all the bits you enjoy about the EUS.

Relevant Pages

The wiki curators use a number of backend pages to monitor the wiki, which I guess if you got here that means you could check 'em out:

Anything else you see on the wiki and wonder how it happens, it's either template magic, some niche MediaWiki Extension, or some roughly cobbled together CSS.