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The Engineering Undergraduate Society elects two SSMU representatives to represent EUS regular members at the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). They serve as voting members at both EUS Council and SSMU Legislative Council (LC), the legislative branch of the SSMU. The SSMU representatives are responsible for voicing the concerns of engineering undergraduates at LC, protecting the interests of EUS regular members and bridging EUS and SSMU activities and services.


According to Article 26 of the EUS Constitution:
The Engineering Representatives to S.S.M.U. Council shall:

  1. Represent the interests and concerns of Engineering students as expressed through the EUS Council to S.S.M.U. Council;
  2. Inform the EUS on matters of the S.S.M.U.
  3. Hold weekly office hours
  4. The terms of office of the Engineering Representatives to S.S.M.U. Council shall begin May 1 and last one year.

SSMU Legislative Council

The Engineering SSMU representatives represent two of thirty councillors on SSMU Legislative Council (LC). SSMU councillors are elected by specific constituencies, including faculty associations and councils representing specific student demographics, as well as the seven (7) SSMU executives. LC is the governing body of the SSMU and “shall be empowered to make all decisions and take all actions on behalf of the [SSMU].”

As voting members of LC, the SSMU representatives protect the interests of engineering students in decision-making processes on the SSMU level. According to the SSMU Internal Regulations, “each member of the Legislative Council has the right to one (1) vote and all questions submitted to the Legislative Council shall be decided by Simple Majority, unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution or the Internal Regulations”.

LC's usually take place every other Thursday during the academic semesters at 6:00PM. All LC meeting documents can be found here.

SSMU Committees

Each SSMU representative serves as a member of at least one SSMU committee during their term. Most committees meet weekly or biweekly to oversee the functioning of SSMU. The Committees Terms of Reference outline the mandate, membership, and processes of each committee.


Year Representatives Committees
2020-2021 Elif Kurkcu

Jake Reed

Equity Committee

Comprehensive Governance Review Committee, Steering Committee

2019-2020 Bruno Marcoux

Mustafa Fakih

Commission aux Affaires Francophones

Financial Ethics Research Committee, Finance Committee, McGill Against Bill 21

2018-2019 Gareth Price

Maxence Frenette

Library Improvement Fund Committee

Steering Committee

2017-2018 Namrata Khopkar

Vivian Campbell

Funding Committee
2016-2017 Tre Mansdoerfer

Tristan Renondin

Service Review Committee

Students' Society Programming Network

2015-2016 Catherine McDougall

Malcolm McClintock

Library Improvement Fund Committee

Students' Society Programming Network

2014-2015 Anikke Rioux

Scott Conrad

2013-2014 Anikke Rioux

Lily Tong

2012-2013 Anna Cybulsky

Farzan Subhani