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Junior Council
Junior Council Logo.png
Founded 2013
2020-2021 Co-Presidents Matt MacDonald & Emma Friesen

Junior Council is a committee under the EUS, consisting of twenty first year engineering students and two second year Co-Presidents. Its goal is to unite first-year engineering students through both social and academic events. Junior Council also provides a link between new students and the engineering community, and promotes other opportunities for first years.

Main Events

Back To School Apartment Crawl

This apartment crawl is hosted on the first weekend after school starts in September, and allows new engineering students to get to know each other and encourage them to apply to JC, all while having a super fun time!

One of the adorable puppies that came to our 2019 therapy dogs event!

Ice Cream Social

Free Frostbite ice cream is given out in the Engineering Common Room to introduce first year students to the members of JC and get to know what JC does.

Therapy Dogs

At the end of each semester, JC hosts a chill event where we have tea, snacks, and most importantly, therapy dogs! This event is meant to help students destress before exams start and is always a wholesome time.

Networking Conference

First year students often have a tough time learning to network and start pursuing a career. That's why every year, JC hosts a networking conference with talks from alumni, industry professionals, and experts from the Engineering Career Centre.

A celebrity appearance at the 2019 Frosh Flashback Power Hour

Power Hour

Power Hour is an event that consists of participants drinking a shot of their drink every minute for one hour. It's an iconic JC event that you don't want to miss!

Other Events

In the past, JC has hosted a wide variety of events including first year banquet, Bob Ross paint night, beverage pong tournaments, and our iconic cactus sale.

Council Structure

Position Name
Co-Presidents Matt MacDonald & Emma Friesen
VP Communications
VP Events
VP External
VP Finance
VP Internal
U0 Representative
U0 Architecture Representative
U0 Bioengineering Representative
U0 Chemical Representative
U0 Civil Representative
U0 ECSE Representative
U0 Materials Representative
U0 Mechanical Representative
U0 Mining Representative
Sustainability Representative
Equity Representative
Position Name
Co-Presidents Emily Anderson & Dina Shoham
VP Communications Zaina Khan
VP Events Anja Kroon
VP External Kells Moore
VP Finance Chu Ying Cao
VP Internal Rylee Mcdonald
Communications Portfolio Emma Friesen & Sidney Gates
Events Portfolio Tristan Kuhn & Evan Wechsler
External Portfolio Jake Pringle & Naomi Fung
U0 Representative Isabel Wleugel
U0 Architecture Representative Meghan Lum
U0 Bioengineering Representative Matthew MacDonald
U0 Chemical Representative Luiza Monteiro
U0 Civil Representative Anushri Pundit
U0 ECSE Representative Jerry Xia
U0 Materials Representative Kuba Stanczak
U0 Mechanical Representative Thomas Tuchenhagen
U0 Mining Representative Aidan O'Heany
Position Name
Co-Presidents David Masson & Laurie Zaccarin
VP Communications Chloë Ryan
VP Events Grace Reszetnik
VP External Kyle Myers
VP Finance Erik Sveistrup
VP Internal Sabrina Chan
Communications Portfolio Emily Anderson & Timothy MacLeod
Events Portfolio Helen Bitz, Kosta Mavroeidis & Celeste Nantel
External Portfolio Peter Chimienti
U0 Representative Mohammad Al Bardaweel
U0 Architecture Representative Zhuofan Chen
U0 Bioengineering Representative Jeremy Rau
U0 Chemical Representative Gregory Brock
U0 Civil Representative Olivia Seamone
U0 ECSE Representative Dina Shoham
U0 Materials Representative Britton Holman
U0 Mechanical Representative Walker Singleton
U0 Mining Representative Andrew Allard

Application Process

Online applications released in late August through Google forms. The form is shared on our Facebook page. The best applications are then selected for interviews by the two co-presidents. After this process, twenty-two first-years are selected to fill the positions available on the council.