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When should I pay?

Tabling usually occurs within the first two months of each semester. Tabling is the time for you to pay, get fitted for your ring, and pick up your wine and cheese tickets. Please follow the graduation committee on facebook to get all the updates on tabling times.

What do I need to do before I come to tabling?

Before you come to tabling, you must fill out the graduation package form. This form comes out every year in early October before tabling begins and can be found on the graduation committee facebook page, as well as in the pipeline around that time.

How much is my payment and what does that include?

The payment for your iron ring is a non-negotiable $70. This payment includes the ceremony, your ring, and three tickets (one for yourself and two additional) to the wine and cheese.

How can I pay?

As of Fall 2017, the accepted payment methods are cash or check. Checks should be made out to McGill Engineering Undergraduate Society for the exact amount.

Can I purchase extra tickets to the wine and cheese?

Yes, extra tickets can be purchased at the time of your initial payment or at the EUS office up to two weeks prior to the ceremony.

Where is the ceremony?

The ceremony will be held in Redpath Hall.

Where is the wine and cheese?

The wine and cheese will be held in the Trottier Building on the first and second floors.

Where is the dress code for the ceremony?

The dress code for the ceremony is business casual. Jeans or sports attire are not permitted.

Who can attend the ceremony?

You and your presenter may attend the ceremony. No other people may attend as space in Redpath Hall is extremely limited.

Who can I ask to be my presenter?

Your presenter can be anyone who has had their Iron Ring for three years or longer.

What if I don’t have a presenter?

If you do not have a presenter in mind, presenters such as professors will be at the ceremony and you will be able to choose who among them you wish to present your ring to you.

Can I attend only the ceremony and not pay for the wine and cheese?

No. This is not an option for graduating students, however, wine and cheese tickets are transferrable, so you may give them to a friend who would like more tickets.

Can I get my ring without attending a ceremony?

No. This is never possible in accordance to the rules given to us by the seven wardens.

I will be away for my ceremony, can I attend the semester before?

No. You may only attend the ceremony in your graduating semester. If you cannot attend that semester, you may attend a ceremony in a following semester or in another place in Canada. If you wish to attend a ceremony in another location, please contact MESC by emailing

I have moved out of province after graduation and never received my ring, what should I do?

You must attend a ceremony to receive your ring so you have two options:

  1. Come to McGill and attend one of our ceremonies, which occur in the fall and winter semesters. :#Contact MESC by email at to find a ceremony near you to attend.

Further Questions?

Please email the graduation committee at