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You have a number of responsibilities to meet to make sure your graduation is as smooth as possible. You made it through class, don't trip on your way to the finish line! Below is an approximate guide to graduation; always check with MESC and the EUS Graduation Committee for any changes.

Checkout the GradComm FB Page for more info

Apply to graduate

In order to graduate, you must meet various criteria with the Faculty of Engineering. A useful tool to make certain is the Minerva Degree Evaluation tool.

In order to graduate, all engineering undergraduates must
  • Achieve a minimum cGPA of 2.00
  • Verify with a departmental advisor you have/will meet the program requirements
  • Verify personal information on Minerva, including name, home & mailing address, phone number, course listing & grades, and degree information (program/minor/option)
  • Verify any advanced credits / exemptions are listed
  • Verify graduation term is indicated on your unofficial transcript

Once all of this information is correct, you're ready to apply to graduate on Minerva

Graduation Photos

Lassman silly.jpg
Graduation photos are precious! They're a memento for life, often reflecting both silly and serious sides of your time here at McGill. The University has a contract with Lassman Studios, who come to various locations around McGill in the Winter and Fall to take your pics.
To Book
  1. Navigate here
  2. Use code mcg22
  3. Find a time convenient for you, book your session ASAP!
    • If the calendar is blank, the dates may not have been registered yet
    • If you're on exchange/work term, there is a makeup session in the Winter


Included in your sitting fee (~$30) is a minimum of 10 unique poses from which you can view/order online, as well as a digital copy of your graduating class mosaic. Both traditional grad portraits as well as some fun style shots (if desired) will be taken. Gowns, roses, mortarboard, graduation hoods, etc. will be provided on the day of your shoot. You can also choose from over 25 different backgrounds!

Digital Packages Available
  • $50 for each poses individually
  • $150 for 8 poses
  • $195 for all poses


Code Discount
mcg10off Receive $10.00 off your entire order if you place it within the next 3 weeks after your photo session date.
mcg20percent Receive 20.00% off your entire order if you place it within the next 3 weeks after your photo session date.
f5c7min120 Receive a complimentary 5" × 7" photo with your order if you place it within 3 weeks after your photo session date.

This list may be out of date, check here to confirm

Iron Ring

To first get your iron ring, you must purchase and be fitted. The base price is $80, including your ring, ceremony, and three (total) wine and cheese tickets. Every graduate must pay this to get their ring. Each extra wine and cheese ticket thereafter is $25.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque (made out to Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University) paid at the time of fitting. Payments are nonrefundable.

For more information, go to the Grad Comm FB Page.