Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society Terms of Reference

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Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society Terms of Reference February 2011, Revised March 2012, Revised March 2013, Revised February 2014, Revised January 2015, Revised February 2017

TITLE I – The Society

Article 1 –Definitions

1.1. The official name of the Society shall be the Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society, herein referred to as the ECSESS.

Article 2 – Members

2.1. The Regular Members of ECSESS shall be all students currently registered at McGill University in an undergraduate program of the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in electrical, computer, or software engineering.

Article 3 – Purpose

3.1. The purpose of the ECSESS Council shall be:
3.1.1. To regroup in association the Regular Members of the ECSESS Council.
3.1.2. To represent and promote the views of its members, and to implement academic, cultural, educational, physical, professional, social, and other programs of interest to its members.
3.1.3. To engage in other such activities and undertakings as may seem appropriate to the Society.

Article 4 – Rights, Privileges and Obligations of Members

4.1. The rights of Regular Members shall include the following:
4.1.1. The right to vote in the general elections for ECSESS Council positions.
4.1.2. The right to attend ECSESS Council meetings.
4.1.3. The right to speak for or against any Motion at a Council meeting.
4.1.4. The right to nominate candidates in the ECSESS elections.
4.2. The privileges of Regular Members shall include the following:
4.2.1. The privilege to run for any of the Executive Committee positions, listed in article
5.1, or for the Class Representative position on the ECSESS Council.
4.2.2. The privilege to use ECSESS facilities and services.
4.3. All members of the ECSESS Council shall be obliged to conform to the ECSESS Council Terms of Reference, Bylaws, and policies.

TITLE II – ECSESS Council Members and Duties

SECTION I – The Executive Committee

Article 5 –Membership of the Executive Committee

5.1. The Executive Committee shall consist of:
5.1.1. The President.
5.1.2. The Vice-President External.
5.1.3. The Vice-President Internal.
5.1.4. The Vice-President Finance.
5.1.5. The Vice-President Academic.
5.1.6. The Vice-President Administration.
5.1.7. The Vice-President Communications.
5.1.8. The Vice-President Technical Development.
5.2. The candidates for positions on the Executive Committee must be Regular Members of ECSESS and remain Regular Members for the entire duration of their mandate.
5.3. No member of the Executive Committee shall receive financial remuneration for any action taken as such.

Article 6 – Powers and Duties

6.1. The Executive Committee shall:
6.1.1. Coordinate and administer the policies, activities and other day-to-day affairs of the ECSESS Council.
6.1.2. Take action to inform themselves on matters to be debated at meetings of the ECSESS Council.
6.1.3. Call meetings of the ECSESS Council.
6.1.4. Report its activities and decisions to the E.U.S. Council.
6.1.5. Present the List of Organizing Committees at the first meeting of the ECSESS Council of each semester.
6.1.6. Uphold the Terms of Reference, Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations of the ECSESS Council
6.1.7. Be present and available for office hours as assigned by the Vice-President Administration.
6.2. The members of the Executive Committee shall each prepare a year-end report to be submitted no later than May 15.
6.3. Any member of the Executive Committee shall cease to remain in office upon the President’s acceptance of their letter of resignation, or upon their impeachment.
6.4. Any member of the Executive Committee may be required by the ECSESS Council, from time to time, to fulfill any mandate outside of the official duties as prescribed by Articles 7 to 13.
6.5. All members of the Executive Committee are required to complete a full term as defined in Article 15.

Article 7 – President The President shall:

7.1. Be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs of ECSESS.
7.2. Establish a regular schedule for and call Council and Executive meetings.
7.3. Compile an agenda for the meeting based on suggestions from the ECSESS Council, to be submitted no later than 10::00 P.M. on the evening before the meeting.
7.4. Be the official spokesperson of ECSESS.
7.5. Attend the ECSE Departmental meetings and EUS Council meetings.
7.6. Delegate tasks to the Representatives and/or Executives.
7.7. Prepare the President’s End of Year Report, compile the ECSESS End of Year Reports and be responsible for presenting soft and hard copies to the incoming President.
7.8. Represent the ECSE Student body at the Departmental level.
7.9. Be responsible for the completion, advertisement, and distribution of Graduation Mosaics.

Article 8 – Vice President External The Vice President External shall:

8.1. Represent the ECSESS Council and its regular members in communication with professional, government and industry bodies as well as other departmental societies within the EUS.
8.2. Develop and maintain relations with industry bodies for the purposes of student career opportunities and ECSESS sponsorship by:
8.2.1. Organizing large and small scale networking events
8.2.2. Organizing industry speaker series
8.2.3. Maintaining the industry contact database in collaboration with the VP Technical Development
8.3. Be responsible for maintaining relations with the McGill Engineering Career Center.
8.4. Be the Chair of Departmental Trip Committee.
8.4.1. Organize a Departmental Trip(s) outside of Montreal to visit industry bodies.
8.4.2. Organize industry tours to company offices in the city of Montreal.

Article 9 – Vice President Internal The Vice President Internal shall:

9.1. Be responsible for organizing social and extra-curricular activities including but not limited to:
9.1.1. The First Year Welcome Party.
9.1.2. The Fall and Winter Banquets.
9.1.3. All ECSESS Blues Pubs.
9.1.4. ECSESS related activities at E-Week.
9.1.5. The ECSESS Coffee House.
9.1.6. Miscelleneous social events.
9.2. Serve as official spokesperson in the absence of both of the President and Vice President Academic.
9.3. Be the Chair of the ECSESS Events committee
9.3.1. The Events committee is open to all ECSE students and helps with the organization of all events under the VP Internal portfolio

Article 10 – Vice President Finance The Vice President Finance shall:

10.1. Conform to the E.U.S. Financial Bylaws (Title II, Section II, Articles 9, 10, 13, 15) and ECSESS Financial Bylaws.
10.2. In conjunction with the Executive Committee, prepare the annual budget of the ECSESS Council no later than October 1 st , based on the previous year’s End of Year Statement of Expenses.
10.3. Be responsible for preparing the current year’s End of Year Statement of Expenses.
10.4. Keep proper financial accounts and records of all transactions of the ECSESS Council.
10.5. Prepare and present to the ECSESS Council a review of the Budget by February 15 th .
10.6. Be responsible for the administration of The Factory. This includes, but is not limited to:
10.6.1. Working with other ECSESS Executives to find sponsorship
10.6.2. Ensuring the equipment and the room are well maintained
10.6.3. Working with the ECSESS president in preparing a report to present to the ECSE Departmental Chair

Article 11 – Vice President Academic The Vice President Academic shall:

11.1. In conjunction with the President, promote the Department of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering at the McGill Open House.
11.2. Serve as the official spokesperson of ECSESS in the absence of the President.
11.3. Serve as acting President in the event that the President is temporarily unable to fulfill his/her duties.
11.4. Familiarize himself or herself with the academic concerns of the ECSESS electorate and represent ECSE students on the following committees:
11.4.1. Engineering Equipment Fund (EFC).
11.4.2. Engineering Student Academic Committee (ESAC).
11.4.3. ECSE Curriculum Committee.
11.4.4. ECSE Department Meetings.
11.5. Be the primary representative responsible for managing the ECSE portion of the Engineering Equipment Fund (EFC), including but not limited to:
11.5.1. Verifying all purchases requested in the previous academic year.
11.5.2. Working in conjunction with the ECSE Department to create the current year’s requests.
11.5.3. As mentioned in Section 11.2, attending the EFC Committee meeting held at the end of the academic year, to represent and promote the requested purchases and to vote on all Faculty requests.
11.6. Be the primary organizer of Academic Forums which:
11.6.1. Must be held at least once per semester.
11.6.2. Must cover all 3 programs in our department (Electrical Engineering - EE, Computer Engineering - CE, and Software Engineering - SE).
11.6.3. Must attempt to have a representative sample of students present at each.
11.6.4. Must have full minutes and records of student input taken.
11.6.5. Must have a full report submitted to both the Associate Chair Academic of the Department as well as the Vice President Academic of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS).
11.7. Act as a liaison between ECSE students and Departmental officials for all academic issues and concerns.

Article 12 – Vice President Administration The Vice President Administration shall:

12.1. Record and distribute all meeting minutes to the ECSESS Council members.
12.2. Maintain the propriety of the Office Student Lounge (Trottier 1060).
12.3. Maintain keys and locker inventories according to established guidelines.
12.4. Be responsible for the departmental apparel sale.
12.5. Be responsible for the scheduling of Office Hours by the first week of each academic semester as per the ECSESS Office Hours Policy.
12.6. Be responsible for the maintenance of the Trottier Building 5 th Floor Study Rooms.
12.7. Be responsible for the equipment, lighting, and furniture in the office.
12.8. Supervise the Roboelectronics Club and act as the link between the club and ECSESS

Article 13 – Vice President Communications The Vice President Communications shall:

13.1. Be responsible for the promotion and advertisement of all ECSESS related events and activities through means of posters, Facebook posts and more.
13.2. Organize class announcements as per the established guidelines.
13.3. Be responsible for all internal council communication systems.
13.4. Be responsible for developing, updating and maintaining the ECSESS website and the ECSESS page on the EUS Wiki.
13.5. Be responsible for compiling and issuing the weekly ECSESS newsletter.
13.6. Be responsible for maintaining the ECSESS Bulletin Boards.

Article 14 - Vice President Technical Development

The Vice President Technical Development shall:

14.1. Be the chair of the CodeJam committee
14.1.1. Form a committee to organize the sponsorship, problem formulation, food and logistics for the event.
14.2. Be responsible for organizing events that offer ECSE students the opportunity to develop technical skills and explore academic topics beyond what ECSE classes offer, including but not limited to:
14.2.1. Coding language workshops
14.2.2. Mini competitions in collaboration with companies (hardware, consulting, etc)
14.2.3. Mock technical interviews
14.3. Work with the VP External to maintain the industry contact database

SECTION II – Meetings, Terms of Office, and Vacancies of Executives

Article 15 – Meetings of the Executive Committee

15.1. The Executive Committee shall hold emergency meetings when decisions need to be made before the next general council meeting
15.2. Quorum shall be held if two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Executive Committee are present.
15.3. The President of the ECSESS Council must participate in all meetings of the Executive Committee.

Article 16 – Terms of Office

16.1 The terms of office of the President, Vice-President Internal, Vice-President External, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Academic, Vice-President Administration and Vice-President Communications shall begin May 1 and last one year.

Article 17 – Vacancies

17.1 Vacancies shall be filled as they occur during the year by the provisions outlined in Article 11 of the ECSESS Electoral bylaws.
17.2 In the case of a vacancy in the position of President, the Vice-President External shall assume the responsibilities of President of the ECSESS Council. He or she shall remain in this position for the remainder of the term of office.

SECTION III – Class Representatives & the ECSESS Council

Article 18 – Members of the ECSESS Council

18.1. The members of the ECSESS Council must be Regular Members of ECSESS. The ECSESS Council shall consist of:
18.1.1. The members of the Executive Committee, as defined in Article 5.
18.1.2. One representative in U2, U3, and U4 in each of the following majors: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Software Engineering
18.1.3. Three representatives in U1 Electrical, Computer or Software Engineering representing each of the following majors: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Software Engineering
18.1.4. One representative in U0 Electrical, Computer or Software Engineering to represent all the ECSE U0 students.
18.1.5. Refer to Article 11.7 of the ECSESS Electoral Bylaws for any exceptions to the Class Representative positions.
18.2. Each member of the ECSESS Council shall have a single vote.
18.3. No Regular Member may hold more than one voting position on the ECSESS Council.
18.4. Refer to the ECSESS Electoral bylaws for a description of how the positions listed under Article 17.1 are to be filled.

Article 19 – Powers and Duties The ECSESS Council shall:

19.1. Act as the governing body of ECSESS, empowered to make all decisions and take all actions on behalf of ECSESS.
19.2. Define all general policies of the ECSESS Council.
19.3. Ratify a Chief Returning Officer.

Article 20 – Class Representatives

20.1. Class Representatives shall:
20.1.1. Attend ECSESS Council Meetings.
20.1.2. Inform their Constituents on matters of the ECSESS Council.
20.1.3. Represent the interests and concerns of their Constituents at the ECSESS Council.
20.1.4. Attend the EUS Council Meetings (with the exception of the U0 Department Rep). The U0 Department Rep shall sit on Junior Council meetings.
20.1.5. Support the Executives in event planning and execution of all ECSESS activities.
20.1.6. Organize socials for their respective representative years.
20.2. A Class Representative who misses three (3) Regular Meetings of the ECSESS Council without providing for a proxy may be impeached as per Article 21.
20.3. The term of office for a Class Representative shall begin on May 1, and last for one year.
20.4. In the case of a vacancy, another Class Representative shall be appointed by the ECSESS Council, via the provisions outlined in Article 11 of the ECSESS Electoral Bylaws.

SECTION IV – Impeachment

Article 21 – ECSESS Council

21.1. Any member of the ECSESS Council may be removed from office for impropriety, violation of the provisions of the ECSESS Terms of Reference, violation of ECSESS Bylaws, or delinquency of duties.
21.2. A Motion to impeach an ECSESS Council member may be presented to Council in the following manner:
21.2.1. A Motion to remove an ECSESS Council member must be signed by at least one-third (1/3) of the members of the ECSESS Council, or by at least ten percent

(10%) of the Regular Members of ECSESS, and must be presented in writing at a Regular Meeting of the ECSESS Council. The Motion shall be inscribed on the agenda of the next Regular Meeting of the ECSESS Council

21.2.2. The Vice-President Administration may call a motion for an ECSESS Council member’s impeachment due to delinquency of duties as per Article 19.2
21.3. Quorum of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the ECSESS Council shall be required to consider a Motion to remove a member of the ECSESS Council.
21.4. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of members present shall be required to carry a Motion to remove a member of the ECSESS Council.
21.5. If an ECSESS Council member is impeached from a position, they may no longer apply to run for any ECSESS position in the future.

SECTION V – Freedom of Information

Article 22 – Freedom of Information

22.1. All minutes and documents attached to the ECSESS Council shall be public documents, except for minutes of a confidential session.
22.2. The President of the ECSESS Council shall not be obliged to release information, documents or minutes concerning ideas, actions, or motions which were not acted upon.

TITLE III – The Terms of Reference

Article 23 – Superseding Clause

23.1. This Terms of Reference supersedes and repeals all previous Terms of Reference of the ECSESS Council.

Article 24 – Terms of Reference Amendments

24.1. Amendments to these articles shall be made by a two-thirds majority vote of the ECSESS Council.

Article 25 – Interpretation

25.1. In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Reference and Bylaws of the ECSESS Council, the Constitution and Bylaws of the EUS shall take precedence.
25.2. Definitions:
25.2.1. The Academic Year shall be defined to begin the first day of class in the fall semester and end the last day of final examinations of the winter semester as defined by the McGill calendar.
25.2.2. A Bylaw shall be any of a set of rules adopted by the ECSESS Council for governing its own meetings or affairs.
25.2.3. A Constituency shall be defined as all students of a department who began their studies in that department during the Academic Year.
25.2.4. A Departmental Society shall be a group of Regular Members of the EUS who are representative of a particular department.
25.2.5. The E.U.S. shall be the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University.
25.2.6. The Executive Committee shall be the Executive Committee of ECSESS.
25.2.7. The McGill Community shall be defined as the staff, students, and faculty of McGill University.
25.2.8. A Motion shall be defined as a proposal formally made in a meeting of the ECSESS Council.
25.2.9. Quorum shall be defined as the required attendance and conditions for a meeting of an official body of the ECSESS Council to be opened and for all subsequent transactions to be ratified.
25.2.10. To ratify shall mean to pass or approve a motion or appointment.
25.2.11. A regular meeting shall be any meeting of the ECSESS Council not otherwise stipulated.
25.2.12. A resolution shall be defined as a formal statement of opinion or determination of ECSESS adopted by a meeting of the ECSESS Council
25.2.13. A two-thirds (2/3) majority shall be defined as two-thirds (2/3) of votes cast by all members of the ECSESS Council. An abstention shall not count as a vote cast.
25.2.14. A Regular Member shall be defined as any student enrolled in engineering, with a major in, electrical, computer, or software engineering.
25.2.15. A Coordinator shall be defined as an appointed aide who will temporarily take on the duties and responsibilities of an ECSESS Executive Member, with the following exception; they will not receive voting power as outlined Article 17.2. They must also be a regular member of ECSESS as outline in Article 2.
25.2.16. Term of Office shall be defined as beginning on the first of May and ending on the 30 th of April.