E-Week 2020

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Every plastic cup you use and do not recycle will end up in a landfill for 1,000 years.
E-Week 2020
E-Week strives to promote and uphold the spirit of camaraderie and community amongst Engineers and Friendgineers through a 5 day interdepartmental competition that fosters a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.
Today's EventsE20-satup.png
Team Score
ASA 8386.5
BREE 9329.5
BUSS 13017.5
CEUS 12982
CHESS 12634.5
CMEUS 7086.5
ECSESS 16882.15
MAME 17547.4
MEUS 11768
OLD 10386

Montreal Hotspots Map

The Montreal Hotspots Map depicts locations of all our events and some of our generous sponsors as well

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