E-Week 2019

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Team Score
ASA 8634.5
BREE 8226.5
BUSS 9225.5
CEUS 12325.5
CHESS 10905.5
CMEUS 6705.5
ECSESS 8933.5
MAME 13841
MEUS 13228
OLD 8843
Going On Now

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Important Phone Numbers

WalkSafe 514-398-2498

Walksafe is a service that provides free night-time accompaniment for those who are feel uncomfortable, or who are unable to walk home alone.

DriveSafe 514-398-8040

DriveSafe is like Walksafe, but with car.

McGill Security 514-398-3000

If you feel unsafe, there's an incident around campus (including milton-parc area), or if you're a narc.

Sexual Violence Helpline (CVASM)) 514-933-9007

If you feel as though you have been violated, or are just downright uncomfortable with a physical interaction, these folks are fonts of wisdom and support.

Nightline 514-398-6246

Nightline is a confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening service run by McGill students. E-Week can get raucous.


Team Size Captains
Architecture 77 May Lee Birks, Peter Ehvert, George Etienne, Max Sterry, John Bissengger O'Connor
Bioresource 69 Danny Amon, Jonathan Salami, Sophie Courtemanche-Martel, Keel Scruton, Christopher Patterson, Alice Perie
Bioengineering 62 Sam Baker, Ella Reifsnyder, Maya Kenton, Belanna Gans, Johnny Liu
Chemical 69 Julia Elson, Shane Rankin, Sam Lapin, Hannah Mathews, Raphaelle Bonin, Steven Reng
Civil* 87 Meagan Warren, Julianna Fischer, Karine Flamand, Luc Plamondon, Justin Szekely, Andrew Mackay
ECSESS* 148 Alex Moreau, Ece Pidik, Thomas Hillyer, Kyle Myers, Arman Izadi, Laurie Zaccarin
Materials 63 Malcolm McClintock, Lynn Hein, Timothy MacLeod, Logan Beaudoin, Marion Olivier, Jonas Boettcher-Sheard
Mechanical* 101 Alex Scheffel, Kevin Alforque, Fiona Hamilton, David Masson, Steven MacLear, Sarah Ford
Mining 18 Adam Stanley, Andrew Allard, Alec Thomlison, Elijah Saragosa
Old Patrol 8 Katharine Callahan, Leila Hawa

*Double Submission