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VP External Midterm Reports

Year Name Link
2021-2022 Philippe Voyer Midterm Report
2020-2021 Anne-Julie Côté Midterm Report
2019-2020 Florence Diep Midterm Report
2018-2019 James Halliday Midterm Report
2018 Canon Wan Chun Wah Not Found
2017 Justin Hunt Midterm Report
2016-2017 Jessica Dakkak Midterm Report
2015-2016 Jean-Louis Shi Midterm Report
2014-2015 Marc-Olivier Granger Midterm Report
2013-2014 Bryan Gingras Midterm Report
2012-2013 Ulysse Lechene Midterm Report
2011-2012 Myriam Desranleau Midterm Report
2010-2011 None Not Found
2009-2010 Tedi Angoni Not Found
2008-2009 Courtney Lessard Midterm Report


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