Wheely Wheely Drinky Drinky

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Wheely Wheely, Drinky Drinky
WWDD 1.jpg
Genesis September 21, 2018
Original 4 Yiming Sun, Anna Henley, Ben Lusterio-Adler, James Halliday
Frontrunner Alex Scheffel
Backrunner Laurent Chenet

Wheely Wheely Drinky Drinky (WWDD), incepted at the EUS Council Retreat 2018, is a game in which roller desks are provided a race-circuit often including a wet component. No two races can be the same, the winner is the one with the lowest net time. Minors and Majors are at the discretion of the crowd, usually granted for spillage or poor sportsmanship.


At least one roll-y chair
At least one Jamaican man (can be from YouTube), to give a regulation countdown from 10
A well-defined racetrack
Official beer-pourer
Official timer
Racers' rights
Each racer has the right to tend to their own beer (or water)
No beer finish: 15s
No flip: 5s
Major: 5 s
Minor: 3 s


Wheely Wheely Drinky Drinky is not a sport of rigorous rules. The game is constantly evolving, forcing the players to adapt, evolve, overcome.
As of now, there are only three components:

  1. Relay race around a course
  2. Beer Chug
  3. Flip Cup
Modes of play
Raw athleticism: No beer Incorporated into the game, only a lap
Bullshit:     Beer

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