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Year Name Link
2022-2023 Shafaq Nami To be submitted
2021-2022 Imane Chafi Midterm Report
2020-2021 Mairead Maloney Midterm Report
2019-2020 Jude Habib To be submitted
2018-2019 Alex Hale To be submitted
2017-2018 Saad Waseem To be submitted
2016-2017 Malcolm McClintock Midterm Report
2015-2016 Camille Warner Not Found
2014-2015 Ashkaan Mohtashami Midterm Report
2013-2014 Luis Pombo Not Found
2012-2013 Jason Willems Midterm Report
2011-2012 Carla Morawicz Midterm Report
2010-2011 Josh Redel Midterm Report
2009-2010 Patrick Diez Not Found
2008-2009 Thomas Kirk Midterm Report