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This button is versatile! It can be used most any which ways you need it to, but the default is really straight forward. You start by calling the button like {{Button}}, then piping each attribute afterwards, |1=link, |2=text, and so on. You must call the first four arguments, the rest are for extra control.
Default button
{{Button|1=http://directory.mcgilleus.ca|2=Default button appearance|3=fas fa-folder|4=#C3423F}}

Default attributes are: Internal link, large button, float left, white text.
Additional attributes can be added at will, as many or few in any order you'd like.


Options 1 - 4 are necessary, 5-9 offer options

1 = Page title or Link (Link requires #5)
2 = Button text
3 = FontAwesome Icon
4 = Button Color
5 = internal/external (optional, external default)
6 = text color (optional, white default)
7 = Float Button position, left or right (optional, no float by default)
8 = Button size, small or large (optional, large default)
9 = Icon placement, ileft or iright (optional, default ileft)

5 Type of link

6 Text Color

If you'd like to change the link color, using either words, hex, or rgba(), set 6=color of choice.

Default the text is white, 6= is not necessary for this case.

7 Button position

If you want the button to float to the right of the page, use 7=right.

Additionally, if you want it to float=left (meaning that all other objects, headers included, will stay to the right of the block), you can specity 7=left.

8 Button size

You can make the button teeny, 8=small.

9 Icon placement

The icon can be on the right side as well.