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McGill Engineering Competition- Lite

MEC Lite is a condensed version of McGill Engineering Competition, occurring over the course of one day during the Winter semester. MEC Lite is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to try their hand at engineering competitions in multiple categories, in a more laid-back setting than MEC.


Junior Design

Teams of four will be will be required to analyse and solve an engineering problem using basic engineering skills, craftsmanship, and creativity. The junior design competition is open to students having completed less than 60 credits.


Teams of four elaborate a complete solution to an engineering and business related problem and make their case via presentation to a panel of judges.


Teams of two will be given a design period to deliberate a solution to a current sustainability issue and present a creative and functional solution to judges.


Registration opens several weeks before the competition is scheduled to take place each year. For up to date information on registration and scheduling visit the MEC Facebook page.