How to get a Liquor Permit

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Originally Written by Mihai Mesko 2016, Last updated November 21, 2017 by Nicole Lee

  1. You will need to fill out a Landlord Letter Application whilst on the McGill network or using a VPN, since McGill must approve alcohol related events.
    • Create an account if you don’t have one (your McGill email / standard login does not work here),
    • Fill out the provided form. Note that you may need to submit more than 1 application if you are applying for 10+ dates.
  2. You should receive an email that the form is available for pickup from New Rez or Burnside basement. Ask for whomever sent you the e-mail at the front desk and they will get the person for you.
  3. You will need to fill out a form for the Regie des alcools courses et des jeux (while you wait to pick-up the form), which processes the applications.
    • It is easiest to fill out on your computer, but you could do it by hand.
    • The only important values are for section B; you are applying on behalf of the non-profit “Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill University”, NEQ: 1144071959.
    • You can either use your credit card and cheqreq, or ask the VP Finance to use the EUS Credit Card.
    • Print out the form.
  4. Send an e-mail to Kevin Byers (who is our contact at McGill Security) once you pick up the Landlord Letter from McGill
    • Ask to book an appointment to have him sign the letter (it is kind of a formality, but it looks good to have someone official endorsing the application).
    • He is the best person to have on your side, so be nice :)
  5. OPTIONAL: In the past, we have contacted the police to get Police Approval. This involves you contacting Giuseppe Boccardi at the Police Station 20 on St. Catherine and McKay. He signs this paper that they provide for you.
    • I have submitted applications without Police Approval because I was under time constraints, and it still went through. If you have time to spare, get Police Approval.
  6. If you are not an EUS Executive, you will need to get them to sign a letter stating they give you permission to make this application on behalf of the EUS. Get the VP Internal to sign it.
  7. Take your 'Landlord Letter, Application Form, Police Approval Form (if you got it) and go to the Regie Office located in the Palais de Justice at 1 Notre Dame Est. The office is located on the 9th floor.
    • After submitting, they send the docs to Quebec City. Expect the permit sometime after 2 weeks. If your event is nearing and you have not received anything in the mail, call the RACJ Head Office in Quebec City, (418) 643-7667, and they will send you a digital copy by email.