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All incoming Engineering students are required to undergo an entrance exam for the Faculty of Engineering. This exam is administered to gain an accurate idea of where the entering class is in terms of understanding of basic Engineering concepts. This data is also provided to the educational accreditation board to help determine McGill's current educational standing along with its ranking compared to other schools in Quebec. All incoming Engineering students are expected to complete the exam, with no exceptions. Questions can be directed to the Principle Program Officer, and details of the exam's scheduling and location can be gathered from your Orientation Week Coordinators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the results of this exam affect my GPA / Do the results get counted towards my GPA?
No. This exam is purely used as a "survey" to gather information on current knowledge base of the incoming class and will not be counted towards a student's GPA.
What type of questions are asked on the exam?
Students will be tested on basic Engineering theories and concepts as well as some applied math and physics questions, which they will be expected to apply throughout their Engineering careers.
How long is the exam?
The exam time is 1 (one) hour in duration.
What materials do I need for the exam/What can I bring to the exam?
You need to bring your own supplies such as a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, and pencil sharpener. No calculators are allowed, as all math-related problems will be solvable by hand. Language to Language dictionaries are permitted, but must be brought by the student and will not be provided.
What is the exam environment like?
The exam is held in a large room (typically Leacock 132) where students sit down to write the exam. A proctor will run the exam along with a few invigilators (student volunteers to help set up the exam, answer questions from students, and watch over the exam).
What should I do if I am unable to attend the entrance exam?
If you are unable to attend the exam, you should contact the Principle Program Officer to ask when and where you can write a make-up exam. The Principle Program Officer will schedule a make-up exam for all students unable to attend.
What happens if I am late for the exam?
Once the exam begins, students who are late cannot write the exam that day and must contact the Principle Program Officer to ask when the make-up exam can be taken.
Do I have to write the entrance exam?
Yes. All Engineering students are required to write the exam and must take it before the end of the add/drop period of their first semester.