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EUS Meme Challenge 2020


Welcome to the EUS Meme Challenge! Check back monthly for our Meme Challenges of the month!!!

Submit your best and most creative memes for a chance to be featured on all the EUS Socials (you could go ~viral~)! The best submissions each month will get a prize!!!! What are you waiting for??? Open up Microsoft Paint, put on your creativity cap and get memeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOVEMBER MEME PROMPT: Check back Oct 31 for the November Prompt!!!.


Actual photo of when the Meme Challenge was invented! (Colourized, 2020)

The 2020 VP Comms (Mairead Maloney) and a couple of Wiki Curators (Brenda & Shaun) walk into a virtual meeting. I like memes. You like memes. We all like memes. Then, the EUS Meme Challenge was BIRTHED. That's all. Short history. Now go make some MEMES.

The Meme Challenge was also created for a way for EUS members to share and celebrate their favourite EUS moments with one another! We wanted to help spread a little bit of positivity and share some laughs during these challenging times, and what better way to do that with some good old memes.

The EUS Meme Challenge is still new! In fact, we haven't actually run our first full month of memes! Our hope is that each month, we can throw out a fun prompt (ie: OAP memes, Library memes, EUS Food memes) and let YOU submit your original memes. The winning submissions of each month will get a small prize to thank them for making the EUS just a bit more memey than before. Each month's prizes will be a bit different! Maybe it'll be a gift card? A Frostbite voucher? A HANDBOOK!?!?!?!?


  • Submit a meme related to the monthly prompt
  • Laugh
  • You can submit as many as you'd like
  • I feel like there should be more rules but there aren't so let's see how this goes

Submit Your Memes!

Tried to embed the form but it didn't work because we have the File Upload feature so you're going to have to go on the form itself. Sorry :((( F

Not sure how to make a meme? Here are our favourite resources:

  • Microsoft Paint (is there a MacBook Paint idk)
  • (free download, would recommend)
  • Have you tried googling "online meme generator" cause would recommend

Monthly Winners

2020-2021 Winners
Month: Theme: Winners:
September n/a n/a
October n/a n/a

View Submissions

View all the submissions from previous months!

Fridge-Worthy Memes (Honourable Mentions)

Check back here for a gallery of some of our all-time favourite memes. They're good enough to be displayed proudly on the fridge door!