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EUS Deputy Speaker
EUS Council

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Hello and thank you for your interest in becoming the next EUS Deputy Speaker!

This EUS position is a paid contract with indefinite length; it will allow you to fulfill an important role during EUS Council and Board of Governors (BoG) meetings.

Key responsibilities of the EUS Deputy Speaker include:

- Shadowing the current EUS Speaker (Owen Quinn) during EUS Council, Board of Governors, and General Assembly meetings. - Assisting the Speaker in running said meetings by tracking speaking lists, counting votes, and running portions of the meeting. - Eventually taking over the role of the EUS Speaker by the middle of the Winter Semester.

To apply, please complete and submit this form by Thursday, Nov 24th at 11:59pm ET! Interviews will be held in the following week.

If you have any questions before then, please do not hesitate to e-mail Owen Quinn (, or Yassaman Bassiri (


Skills: Charismatic, loud voice, appealing, attention to detail, courage, and gumption.

 1 spot available