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Founded: 1992
Founders: Tony Manolikakis, Andrew Leccese, Mike Prichett and Matthew Mathers
Capacity: 100
Organization: EUS
Location: Common Room - McGill Engineering Building
When: Every Friday 4PM-9PM
Happy Hour: 4PM-6PM

What we have to offer

Now you may have heard about our legendary Plumbers Pocket, while not knowing what our secret recipe is. All you need to know, is that it’s a delicious grilled cheese stuffed with a pizza pocket. That’s literally all you need to know. And if you think that's not enough…. There’s also the Double down, which is the Plumbers pocket, but DOUBLE. You just know that will satisfy your Friday afternoon cravings.


Tabling is available to all groups who wish to promote their organization to the patrons of Blues Pub; however, engineering groups still receive priority! Tabling is a free form to get in touch with patrons, providing games, a point of sale (as long as it's non-competitive with the hosts of the Blues Pub), and more! If you're interested in tabling for the 2021-2022 year, please contact the managers through one of the links below.


Blues Pub encourages you to bring your own mug!

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Happy Hour: $0.50 off from 4pm-6pm

  • Food Price
    Grilled Cheese 1.00
    Pizza Pocket (Vegetarian option available) 1.50
    Plumbers' Pocket (Vegetarian option available) 2.50
    Double down 4.00
    Beverages Price
    Non-alcoholic and Gluten Free 2.00 - 4.00

    All beverage selection varies by host on a weekly basis. Please check the whiteboard near the bar for the week's options.

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    You must be 18+ to enter Blues Pub. Please be prepared to present ID at the door

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