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The EUS offers a barbecue rental service to all EUS organizations; non-EUS groups can rent the equipment as well, with the additional $50.00 rental fee 'and' $500.00 security deposit (which is reimbursed upon the safe return of the BBQ).
There is an application form below, and schedule on the Administrative Manager's desk in the EUS Office. In addition to renting the BBQ equipment, permission from External Events at McGill is necessary. There is a cap on the number of barbecues within a short period of time, as dictated by the External Events coordinator.

More Details on Rentals-

  • You must submit a request for the rental through the form below at least 2 weeks before the time you need it.
  • You must read McGills External Events Application and Guidelines and fill out the application form for external events
  • The form is can be found here
  • Email this form to and have it approved.
  • You must bring this approved form with you when you come to sign out the BBQ.
  • If you are an EUS group, remember to fill out a float request form from the VP Finance to get a cash box for the day of your event.
  • If you are a group external to the EUS you must bring a $500 deposit which will be returned to you after the BBQ is returned. The deposit should be in the form of a cheque addressed to McGill Engineering Undergraduate Society.
  • If you are a group external to the EUS you must bring a rental fee of $50 in cash per BBQ.
  • If you are a group internal to the EUS you must bring a rental fee of $10 in cash per BBQ.
  • The BBQ and accessories must be returned in the same condition or must be replaced at the expense of the renter. Replacements parts must be of the same of higher value.
  • The BBQ must stay on campus.
  • The renter must get a fire extinguisher from the McGill Fire Prevention Office.
Emergency Measures and Fire Protection
3610 McTavish, 3rd floor, Montreal, Quebec. H3A 1Y2
Phone: 514 398 3473
  • Charcoal, starter fluid and utensils are NOT included in the rental.
  • The renter must sign and date the sheet on the following page upon retrieving and returning the BBQ.
  • Check the inventory sheet on the following page before signing out the BBQ. If any items are missing or damaged note this in the comment section.
  • The renter is responsible for bringing the BBQ to and from it’s storage location. Choose a rental time that leaves at 30-60 minutes for this and show up with 2-3 people to do this.
  • Take one of the EUS BBQ How To print outs.


To sign out the EUS BBQ, use the form below (if it does not load correctly, navigate here).

How To BBQ

There are printouts of the How to BBQ form in the office that you can grab when you sign out the BBQ or you can navigate here to check it out:

Equipment Available

A list of all the equipment that comes as part of the BBQ rental is found below: