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This is a page to keep EUS Groups up to date on the tech that they can rent from the EUS via our Tech Cabinet! The purpose of this cabinet is to act as a centralized location for storing tech, think converters, a projector and HDMI cords, that EUS groups often need, and making it available after hours.

Rental Procedure

If you would like to rent a piece of equipment:

  • Check that it's not already reserved via checking the calendar.
  • Request the item through the form. The EUS Space Manager will confirm your equipment rental via email.

During EUS office hours, 8:30am - 4:30pm on Monday - Friday, the EUS Office Manager facilitates the rental process so drop by in order to check out your items.

If you would like to access equipment outside of office hours, the Space Manager will contact you via email with instructions.

Tech for Rent

Item ID Number Description
VGA Cord 1 VGA coords can be used on many video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers, projectors, and HD TVs. This VGA coord also has audio.
VGA Cord 2 - 3 VGA coords can be used on many video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers, projectors, and HD TVs.
Extension Cord 4 Brings the power outlet closer to you!
HDMI Cord 5 - 7 Used to connect laptops to computer screens and TVs.
Ethernet Cable 8 - 9 Connect to the internet faster.
AUX Cord 10 An AUX cord is used for audio, and connects to IPhones amongst other portable devices.
USB-C to USB-A 11 This is used to connect iOS devices to standard USB accessories to USB-C or Thunderbolt enabled Macs or iPhones.
USB-C to VGA & HDMI 12 Connect iOS devices that are USB-C or Thunderbolt enabled to computer screens and TVs.
USB2.0 +VGA Male to HDMI Female 1080P 13 Connect.... everything?
Projector 14 This is a portable, and easy to use projector for your presentations!
Mini DisplayPort to VGA 15 - 16 Connect a Mac to a standard monitor, projector, or LCD that uses a VGA connector or cable.
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 17 - 19 Connect a Mac to a monitor, projector or TV that uses an HDMI input.
Dual-Port Travel Charger 20 Multiple charging ports for USB powered devices.
Single Port Wall Charger 21 - 23 Single charging port for USB powered devices.
10ft Microusb Cable 24 - 27 Charger for microusb devices.
USB Lightning Cable 28 - 32 iPhone charger cables.


Rental Request Form