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==1.1 What You'll Need==
==1.1 What You'll Need==
#[[File:Tailgate 9.jpg|alt=Lighting up the charcoal BBQ|thumb|429x429px|FroshxJC Tailgate]]EUS BBQ (see BBQs)
[[File:Tailgate 9.jpg|alt=Lighting up the charcoal BBQ|thumb|429x429px|FroshxJC Tailgate]]
# [https://eus.wiki/Barbecue_Rental EUS BBQ Rental]
# charcoal
# charcoal
# BBQ fluid
# BBQ fluid

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Patrons enjoy the great outdoors
FroshxJC Tailgate - September 21st, 2019

Hosting a Tailgate

A tailgate is a party before a sports event, usually taking place in an outdoor venue, and featuring BBQs and cold beverages.


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1.1 What You'll Need
1.2 Legal Considerations
1.3 Other Considerations
1.4 Turning a Profit
Patrons enjoying outdoor Beer Die

1.1 What You'll Need

Lighting up the charcoal BBQ
FroshxJC Tailgate
  1. EUS BBQ Rental
  2. charcoal
  3. BBQ fluid
  4. Rake for coals
  5. Oven mits
  6. Water jugs used for refilling
  7. Easy-pour water jug to dispense into cups
  8. Giant bin to store cold beverages
  9. Several bags of ice
  10. Tents - check Clubs hub, bring at least three
  11. Pegs for the tents
  12. Duct tape (always)
  13. Tables and chairs
  14. Napkins
  15. Condiments
  16. Hot dogs, hot dog buns, veggie/gluten free dogs
  17. A large pot to boil hot dogs
  18. Tongs
  19. Fire Extinguisher from MEDN
  20. Sleeves of cups
  21. Garbage bags
  22. Beer die tables and dice
  23. Activities such as corn hole, horseshoe, arts and crafts
  24. Party rocker Max
  25. Sunscreen
  26. Laptop to check ticket sales
  27. Tickets to be exchanged for food
Junior Council at the JCxFrosh Tailgate

1.2 Legal Considerations

  • Under the picnic law, it is illegal to consume alcohol in a public space without the presence of food.
  • If you are hosting a tailgate outside of a designated event, such as in association with the Montreal Alouettes, you may need to purchase a single-day food permit from MAPAQ for 36$.
  • The selling of goods in a public domain is illegal but participants can always purchase additional tickets online online via Yapsody
  • Sponsors are typically unwelcome if the event is in collaboration with the Alouettes.

1.3 Other Considerations

  • Having Fun in a Safe Environment
    If you're hosting in Parc Jeanne-Mance, remember that you will not have access to electricity, nor will you have direct access to running water. A few picnic tables will be provided.
  • Try to reduce waste by encouraging participants to bring their own cups.
  • Invite a photographer to your event
  • Try to find a volunteer with access to a pickup truck with a trailer hitch, it is very useful for transporting the large heavy items
  • Make sure someone in your crew has access to MEDN from the courtyard, or at least Clubs Hub.

1.4 Turning a Profit

Verifying online ticket purchases

Here is an example of drink deals, determined by the Frosh 2019 committee

  • Basic Admission (tailgate + game): $15
  • Frosh Lite (6 coupons): $15
  • Frosh and the Furious Pack: (basic admission + 2 coupons): $19
  • High Roller Pack (10 coupons): $20
  • Retroactive JC Application (basic admission + 5 coupons): $25
  • Power Hour Pack (basic admission + 8 coupons): $30
  • 2 Frosh 2 Furious (2 basic admission + 5 coupons): $38.50
  • The Distillery (25 coupons): $42
  • Road 2.O-week (2 basic admissions + 12 coupons): $50
  • Storm Molson Stadium (51 coupons): $85
  • Beach Club VIP (69 coupons): $100