Sustainability in Engineering at McGill

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Executive Team
Chair Leila Hawa
VP Admin Amara Slaymaker
VP Communications Julia Sinkovits
VP External Liam Fitzpatrick
VP Academic Ian Bennet
VP Finance Emily Rush
Webmaster Caitlin Knowles

Sustainability in Engineering at McGill (SEAM), is a committee within the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). The committee was formally founded in 2014. SEAM's purpose is to foster and promote a culture of sustainability in the Engineering community.

SEAM's main efforts are planning events, managing projects, providing consulting work, and compiling and providing sustainability resources to the McGill Engineering community.


Events help to show McGill’s future engineers some of the many opportunities in sustainability, as well to introduce them to thinking and designing in a more sustainable way.

Speed Networking

Design Competition


Projects & Consulting

SEAM undertakes independent or partnered projects which directly affect the engineering community. A recent undertaking within SEAM has been working with other organizations and teams to make their operations more sustainable.

Plumbers' Plates

Blues Pub Cups

Plants in McConnell

G-Store Fridge

Academic Initiatives


We find that many engineering students at McGill are interested in learning more about sustainability, but don't necessarily know where to start. We provide a starting place, by actively gathering information, resources and opportunities and delivering them to the engineering student community via this website and our other networks.