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Student Space Fund
Ssf logo.png
Logo created by Gordon Hart
Contact: Ryan Reszetnik, VP Finance
Andrew Xie, Funds Director
About: Short Term
Amount ~$9,000/semester
Distribution Once/semester
Who can apply EUS Members
Allocators Adhoc Committee including x4 Regular Members, President, VP Student Life, VP Finance, Space Director, Design Team Director, Clubs Director, and Funds Director
About: Long Term
Amount ~$36,000/semester
Distribution Year-round
Who can apply EUS Members
Allocators Board of Governors

The Student Space Fund (SSF) is a fund composed of fees (out-able) paid by engineering undergraduate students. It is meant to be a sustainable resource for general improvements of the undergraduate space at McGill as well as to fund larger renovations projects.
The fund is separate in two accounts: the Short Term and Long Term (Capital) accounts. The Short Term account, available once a semester, is intended for purchase of single items and the Long Term account, available all year 'round, is aimed at significant projects and renovations. Generally Short Term applications are for less than $2 000 while Long Term applications tend to be for more than $2 000.


Short Term

The Short Term account is allocated twice a year through an application process sent out by the Funds Director, usually around October for the Fall Semester and February for the Winter Semester. The email will contain a link to apply where you are expected to submit a description of each item you need, the amount you are requesting for that item, quotes for each item, and a budget outlining everything you requested. You should provide multiple quotes per item (show you did your research!) and make sure your budget reflects any tax/shipping fees!

Long Term

The Long Term (capital) account is available at any point in the year. It is approved through any regular meeting of the Board of Governors. Applications for this fund are in the form of a motion that you must submit 5 days before a board meeting - for additional information on how to do this you can email the board chair. Similarly to the short term application, a capital request motion should contain descriptions/quotes/budgets for each item. For these larger requests it’s especially important for multiple quotes to be shown and the budget be thorough. Feel free to layout multiple budget options if there is leeway in the request.

Application Example

For an example application to SSF, a package can be found [1].


Each semester, students contribute $15.00 (full-time students, >9 credits) and $7.50 (part-time students, =< 9 credits) to the Student Space Fund. From the total contributions per semester,

30% goes to the Short Term account
70% goes to the Long Term account

At the end of the Fall semester, if a surplus exists in the Short Term account, it is rolled over to the Winter’s Short Term account; if a surplus exists in the Winter, it is transferred to the Long Term account.