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The position of Speaker chairs meetings of the Board of Governors, EUS Council, and General Assembly, enforces Robert's Rules of Order, and overall facilitates the space in which members speak. The position of speaker is outlined in Article 23 of the EUS Constitution.


The EUS Speaker may not be a member of the EUS Council or Board of Governors while holding the position due to conflict of interest. The Speaker is selected amongst the members of the EUS, with preference given to regular members. To prevent turnover-induced knowledge loss, a deputy speaker may be hired by selection committee to shadow a speaker in their final year in the position, with the expectation of becoming speaker the following year.

Roberts Rules

Robert's Rules of Order outlines the fundamental parliamentary procedure to facilitate orderly and fair conversation. The EUS does not strictly adhere to the guidelines due to their expansive nature, but instead applies an abridged version, such as definitions of types of motions, voting procedure, etc.

Joey's Rules of Order

A more cohesive document, Joey's Rules of Order, was created to better reflect the practices of the EUS Council. These were passed April, 2018.