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Current Jay Han

The Space Director of the EUS is the guiding hand behind the design of the various spaces operated by the EUS. The role was created in 2016 to oversee the sustainability and usage of our space. Previously the space manager was charged with the upkeep of the rooms, but there was not a dedicated position to developing.

Previous Projects

Clubs Hub

January 24, 2017, Jay Han proposed a capital request to the EUS Council that essentially reorganized the entire Clubs Hub. The space was previously cluttered, inefficient use of space, without enough storage, and more. The proposed redesign included the creation of central work/conference space, lockers for each group's storage (secured) and for shared supplies (unsecured), a wall mounted TV, and all around new furniture.

Unfortunately once all the purchases were made, it came to light in March of the same year that McGill was going to be installing an elevator in the McConnell Lobby to make the EngCaf accessible. This drastically shifted the space made available in Clubs Hub, and the project was therefore never fully realized.

Common Room

The EUS Common Room has always had big plans for it. Beginning at the end of the 2018 Winter Semester, Jay Han, alongside member of the board Arman Izadi, collaborated to revamp the EUS Common Room. Previous attempts were made at buying chairs, installing a chalk wall, and LEDs to hype the space, to no avail. Han & Izadi focused on making it a space useful outside the weekly Blues Pub; comfortable for hanging out yet conducive to studying.

The full plan was to create a paint job for the space, invest in new furniture and layout, and make the AV equipment and electricity more accessible.

While some of the furniture was altered during the design process (prices fluctuated), the plan was executed by the start of the Fall 2018 semester. The Common Room now has a unified paint job, furniture was purchased that could be used outside of Blues Pub (while not hindering Blues Pub), and it looks just gorgeous.