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EUS President 2021-2022
Current: Aastha Goyal
Office Hours
Wednesdays 1-2pm & Fridays 9:30-10:30am

The EUS President is the official spokesperson of the EUS and Chair of the Executive Committee. The position demands someone with good communication and management skills, patience, and the ability to think on their feet. The president’s responsibilities are to represent the engineering students in communicating with administration, media, faculty, industry, etc., as well as chairing the weekly meetings of the 8 executives, and overseeing both the EUS Equity and Elections EUS Committees. On the business side of the EUS, the president is the general manager and is responsible for legal aspects of the company, such as dealing with contracts and any legal issues that (hopefully won’t) arise.


According to Title II of the Constitution
The President shall:

  1. Be the official spokesperson for the EUS;
  2. Oversee matters pertaining to equity in the EUS;
  3. Be permitted to serve as a non-voting, ex officio member of all EUS Groups;
  4. Coordinate meetings with Departmental Society Presidents no less than three times per semester during the academic year;
  5. Call and chair Executive Committee meetings;
  6. Oversee Elections EUS;
  7. Organize the introduction of the incoming Executive Committee and EUS Council.


 How to Get Involved

One of the main pre-requisites to becoming EUS President is having a solid understanding of the structure and procedures within the EUS. While there are many ways to learn about the EUS, the most common ways to gain experience are by actively participating in:

  • committees
  • clubs
  • design teams
  • EUS services
  • Departmental student societies
  • EUS Council
  • Board of Governors

All of these positions have opportunities to take on a leadership role, which is another important characteristic of a President. Chairing a committee, being president of a club, a captain of a design team, a service manager, or a president of a departmental society are all great ways to learn how to effectively manage a group while learning more about the EUS. There is so much to learn about the EUS that it is very rare that you will know everything but the more you can learn the better you will be able to start off as President. EUS Council and the Board of Governors meetings are open and anyone is allowed to attend. Sitting in on a few of these meetings can give a lot of insight to how the EUS operates internally. Common positions to hold before running for President are any of the EUS Executive Portfolios or a year as Departmental President. These positions often require some experience in any of the above mentioned involvement opportunities but can feel like a natural progression when you find a group that ignites your passion for extracurricular student life in the EUS.

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