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Plumber's Studio
Editor in Chief Hugo Schutzberg
Originally The Plumber's Pot
Origin of The Plumber's Ledger

Plumber's Studio is a satirical publication written by and for engineering students. The Studio covers topics from on-campus events, the life of an engineering student, to the basic rigmarole of being a human bean. The Studio is usually around 16 pages, published every 6 weeks or so, and can be found in the stands around engineering buildings and more.


The Studio is the foremost satirical periodical published around McGill Campus, and while it's geared towards engineering students, everyone is welcome to contribute! The Faucet tends to meet at Gerts, so you know, there's that too.

The Faucet publishes all sorts of creative works: short stories, comic strips, and illustrations alike. The Faucet is always looking for more hands on deck, so if this interests you at all, reach out! We've got a facebook group full of contributors, updating on the issues theme, deadlines, and more. To get involved, shoot an email to our editor-in-chief.

Beyond the content, the Faucet has to be assembled! If you have any experience with copy editing or assembling publications, The Faucet could always use a hand!


Everybody's a critic. The Faucet has had it's fair share of controversy, but that hasn't stopped it yet. If you have a problem with any of the content published in the Faucet, you can reach out directly to the EUS VP Communications to issue a complaint.

The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of THE ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE SOCIETY and does not necessarily represent the views of McGill University