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McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers

The McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers (MAME) is an undergraduate student organization within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The purpose is to create a welcoming and well rounded departmental community, which is accomplished through the organization of several academic, professional, and social events throughout the year. MAME also works closely with the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill to ensure students have access to valuable resources that would enable success in these areas.

McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers
MAME Logo.jpg
Mechanical Engineering Student Society, est. 1944

Social Events

Bluesy Brunch

Every semester, the MAME Social Committee hosts a bluesy brunch in the Engineering Common Room where you can hangout before blues pub and buy pancakes, bagels, coffee and special drinks. Look out for bluesy brunch soon! We make Blues a whole day thing (you really oughta participate).

Lora Thursdays

Named for MAME's celebrated Winter '23 Equity & Mental Health Rep, Lora Izambard, Lora Thursdays represent the chance for students to come to special office hours, help themselves to a cup of tea or pot of coffee, and have a chat about anything that's on their mind.

MAME Banquets

Held at the end of the each semester, MAME’s banquets are an event not to miss! Student have the chance to join their fellow mechies at a fancy restaurant and celebrate the end of the semester and the end of our sleep before exams start! There’s a holiday banquet (in Fall) and an end of the year banquet (Winter). They are usually fancy event, where professors are also invited to attend (mostly in winter). Banquets are maybe the most important event for you to go to.

MAME Merch Sale

Alright, this may not be a social event but it may as well be! What’s more social than showing off our McGill Mechanical Engineering Pride? Students can do so by purchasing McGill Mechanical Engineering adorned hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants, tanks, hats, scarves, patches and much more at our MECH Swag Sale every semester! Furthermore, MAME has migrated fully online. Everything can be bought online at [1]. Free shipping and 15% off coupons are also common!

MAME 3-Man

Nobody really knows how 3-Man works. Nobody really knows what it is. But everyone knows what it means. Chaos. Excess. Revelry. I can honestly say that there is nothing in my life I've experienced that's quite like a MAME 3-Man. It's a rite of passage for Mechies. Never attend it with 3 Men.

MAME 3-Man is traditionally chaotic and has a penchant for disaster. The debauchery of recent 3-Man events cannot be transcribed here but records of proceedings can be found in MAME lounge.


Do you know what's going on here? Neither do we! MAME Fall 3-Man, 2023

Academic Events

Academic Forum

Held towards the end of every semester, the Academic Forum is a great platform to relay questions and concerns about courses or the mechanical engineering curriculum in general to the department. The department chair and MAME Council are in attendance to hear students out!

Becoming a Genius Tutorials

Not quite, but keep a sharp eye out for MAME x Someone sponsored workshops and tutorials on machining, software (MATLAB, python, CAD/CAM), arduino, electronics, and much more.

Lab Tours

With the help of professors and graduate students, MAME hosts lab tours in order to expose students to the different research projects being worked on in our department. These lab tours are very useful to get a glimpse of the research projects available before applications for the SURE program during the summer!

CAD Madness

CAD Madness is a weekend long design competition organized by MAME. With the help of a team of 2 or 4 members, students have a given number of hours to complete a design problem presented at the start of the weekend. The design competition concludes with the team presenting their CAD drawings and solution to judges. The top 3 teams have the chance to win cash prizes, and the competition is open to students from all faculties !

Integral Bee

Ever noticed that Mechanical Engineers are kind of nerds? For whatever reason, whatever the background, everyone in mech eng has that little part of them that thinks it would be fun to force people to compete against each other to solve math problems in a gladiatorial setting while everyone else screams and applauds like we're roman peasants. MAME's annual integral bee is an iconic competition.

Professional Events

MECH Madness

MAME’s year kick off to an amazing start thanks to our favourite event: Mech Madness. MECH Madness takes place at a different city in Canada every year and is an annual multi-day industry tour. It consists of two days of industry tours at various companies with the evenings spent sightseeing and interacting with the city’s local engineering students. This event gives students the opportunity to discover the career opportunities a degree in mech eng can offer all across Canada while getting know to know their peers at McGill and other universities as well!

Our latest trip was to visit Kingston, ON! Past years have gone to Ottawa, Sherbroke, Quebec City, and more!

Speed Networking

Speed Networking is a terrific event for students to talk to company representatives in a more casual yet professional setting. Each table is hosted by an industry rep who talks to about 6-8 students for a certain amount of time. When the time is up, the students switch tables to then converse with the following professional at another table. It is the perfect event to learn about different career paths out there while practicing your communication skills. This event should resume in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Coming Soon

Meet & Greet

At the start of every academic year, MAME hosts a meet & greet for all mechies to meet the new council! This is a great opportunity for students to speak to those representing them and also to find out how to get involved. The meet & greet is also where the different committees do their initial round of recruiting!

MECH Talks

MECH talks is a week-long event with each day constituting of our esteemed professors and some professionals sharing their journey in the field of mechanical engineering. MECH Talks is a great way to get insights on the different opportunities a degree in mechanical engineering can lead you to and hear directly from the people who made it! This event should resume in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Industry Dinner

MAME’s award winning Industry Dinner is a unique opportunity for students to engage with company representatives. Students are matched with industry professionals that they have showed an interest in with 6-7 other students. The three-course meal allows students and company representatives to interact in a comfortable social environment. Moreover, each company will have the opportunity to make a presentation about their organization during the night. The night concludes with a casual networking session that allows students to interact with companies they have not yet had the opportunity to meet. It a great event to network and learn about different companies interested in hiring future engineers! This event should resume in the 2022-2023 academic year.


Social Committee

The Social Committee is in charge of enriching student and social life through the means of small but relaxing events. Whether it is scheduled Movie Nights, Pancake Breakfast, Coffee House, Bluesy Brunch (a brunch right before Blues Pub), all-you-can-eat sushi outings, Exams Snacks Day, Gaming Tournaments, Poutine Crawls, Apartment Crawls, 3Man and much more, there is a variety of events to choose from! Keep an eye out for these events when you want to take a small break from school. The committee is led by the VP Events.

First Year Committee

The First Year Committee consists of first year mechanical students (U1 or U0) who plan events for first year engineering students. Past events have included dodgeball tournaments, trivia nights, Beer Die tutorials and sangria nights! This committee is similar to Social Committee, but focuses on building a community within first years. The committee is led by the VP Internal and U1 & U0 representatives.

Position: Name:
Co-Presidents Léa Bernard & Vincenzo Bigattini
Communications Portfolio Melanie Chapman, Julia Deist & Lachlan Holbrook
Logistics Portfolio Gillian Helliwell, Ariane Carrot, Calum Leaver-Preyra, Ian Thombs-Vite & Brigit Crumley
Finance Portfolio Celina Belleville

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee helps resolve and/or improve currently existing academic issues within the mechanical engineering department. They also come up with new initiatives to benefit the mechanical engineering student population. The Committee is led by the VP Academic.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee's responsibilities include helping organize and run professional events, seeking sponsorship for events, and finding innovative ways of integrating companies in MAME activities. The Committee is led by the VP External.

Executive Committee

Position: Name:
President Antoine Voyer
VP Finance Léa Bernard
VP Internal James Peters
VP External Emily Kate Simard
VP Academic Avinash Lal
VP Administration To Be Chosen in the Fall
VP Communications Melanie Chapman
VP Events Gillian Helliwell
U0 Representative To Be Chosen in the Fall
U1 Representative To Be Chosen in the Fall
U2 Representative Chloe Nifakis
U3 Representative Lorne McLeod
U4 Representative Emma Terris
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Treya Williams
Position: Name:
President Thomas Tuchenhagen*
VP Finance Emily Kate Simard
VP Internal Sophie Jones-Glick (Fall), Emma Terris (Winter)
VP External Max Au (Fall), Cole Bradley (Winter)
VP Academic Antoine Voyer
VP Administration Maxime 'Jr.' Gourmelen
VP Communications James Peters
VP Events Nicholas de Chazal
U0 Representative Vincenzo Bigattini
U1 Representative Léa Bernard
U2 Representative Avinash Lal
U3 Representative Michael Bitz
U4 Representative Walker Singleton
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Megan Boone (Fall), Lora Izambard (Winter)
  • On April 22nd, 2023, nine days before the end of his fourth and final term on MAME, President Thomas Tuchenhagen was impeached by a 69% council majority vote, a motion raised by U2 Rep Avinash Lal and seconded by VP Comms James Peters, according to EUS regulation, per Article 14 of the MAME constitution. Council agreed that given the short duration of the rest of term, no replacement need be found.
Position: Name:
President Walker Singleton
VP Finance Kostas Mavroedis
VP Internal Thomas Tuchenhagen
VP External Nina-Marie Martinez
VP Academic Yahya Haider
VP Administration Max Au
VP Communications Luis Sanchez
VP Events Sophie Jones-Glick
U0 Representative Nicholas de Chazal
U1 Representative Jessica Lau
U2 Representative Antoine Voyer
U3 Representative Pierre-Luc Leboeuf
U4 Representative Lianne Campbell
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Naomi Fung
Position: Name:
President Pierre-Luc Leboeuf
VP Finance Saman Gholami
VP Internal Walker Singleton
VP External Stephanie Kirichu
VP Academic Sepehr Moalemi
VP Administration Thomas Tuchenhagen
VP Communications Sophie Jones-Glick
VP Events Philippe Voyer
U0 Representative Jessica Lau
U1 Representative Antoine Voyer
U2 Representative Blondeline Duperval
U3 Representative Kostas Mavroeidis
U4 Representative Momo Ghasemi
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Isabel Wleugel
Position: Name:
President Kevin Alforque
VP Finance Emma Armony-Friedman
VP Internal AJ Masri
VP External Paul Picotte
VP Academic Manon Prarie
VP Administration Stephanie Kirichu
VP Communications Chloe Ryan
VP Events Lianne Campbell
U0 Representative Thomas Tuchenhagen
U1 Representative Blondeline Duperval
U2 Representative Ben Lusterio-Adler
U3 Representative Sarah Ford
U4 Representative Alex Scheffel
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Pierre-Luc Lebouef
Position: Name:
President Nicole Lee
VP Finance Fiona Hamilton
VP Internal Nicholas Clarke
VP External Paul Picotte
VP Academic Abtin Ameri
VP Administration Lianne Campbell
VP Communications Jenny Li
VP Events AJ Masri
U0 Representative Walker Singleton
U1 Representative Ben Lusterio-Adler
U2 Representative Judy Park
U3 Representative Matt Yaremko
U4 Representative Liam Allman
Equity & Mental Health Coordinator Yasemin Bicer

Position: Name:
President John Karpuk
VP Finance Nicole Lee
VP Internal Kuvish Bussawah
VP External Alex Scheffel
VP Academic Kyle Weissman
VP Administration Fiona Hamilton
VP Communications Fariha Hassan
VP Events Kevin Alforque
U0 Representative Lianne Campbell
U1 Representative Judy Park
U2 Representative Nick Clarke
U3 Representative Liam Allman
U4 Representative Jason Rutman / Austin L'Ecuyer

To contact any MAME members, send us an email: