Lorne M. Trottier Building

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Perhaps the most modern building on campus, the Lorne M. Trottier building is the departmental home of all things ECSESS. Featuring the famous Paramount Fine Foods shawarmas, sophisticated conference rooms, and quiet study space, the Trottier building is one all of McGill loves.


The building is named after Lorne M. Trottier, as implied, funded by a series of private donations by Trottier himself and the Quebec Government. The building was inaugurated in 2004 making it one of the most recent additions to the McGill Downtown campus. The building was inaugurated with the specific mission to expand McGill's electrical, computer, software, and telecommunications program.


Located at 3630 University Street, next to Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building, Trottier is one of the closest buildings to McGill's Upper Residences.

Access Pathways

Trottier has four main entrances, two leading to the main floor, one to the basement, and one to the first floor.

Important Rooms

Trottier operates electronic circuits labs, hosts student advising, and has the ECSESS departmental lounge.

Other Resources Available

  1. The conference rooms in Trottier can be booked through the Room Booking System. These rooms host whiteboards and an open view towards the McGill campus.