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This job post has expired.

Blues Pub Managers
Blues Pub

Interviews will take place around mid-summer 2021, applications will be accepted until then

Welcome to the Blues Pub Manager applications for the year 2021-2022!!

As you may know, Blues Pub is weekly event normally held in person in the McConnell Common room during which you have cheap drinks, cheap food, and meet awesome people.

The Blues Pub Managers effectively implement new initiatives, ensure consistent week-to-week Blues Pubs, and enforce the Blues Pub Policy fairly and impartially for all organizers and hosts. Selected managers will shadow previous managers to understand their new roles within Blues Pub and ensure a smooth transition into the role. BP Managers provide the resources and guidance needed to run Blues Pub. To be clear: Blues Pub Managers are not there to run the event, rather they work for Blues Pub as a whole, ensuring the event on a weekly basis is consistent and provides the optimum experience for patrons. This year, Blues adapted to an online format by hosting weekly Instagram & Facebook events hosted by a manager to remind people of the Blues spirit. Given the uncertainty of the next years in-person activities, we want to see what you think you can do to keep the Blues Pub spirit either online, or in a covid-safe environment!

Want more info about Blues? Check out our EUSWiki page!!

If you have any questions, you can contact or

Non-EUS members can apply, but priority is given to students who are Regular Members of the EUS (Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering

 1 hr/week
 Interview process
 May 2021-April 2021