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This job post has expired.

CEC 2022 Chair
Canadian Engineering Competition

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The EUS is hoping to apply to be the host of the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) 2022. The CEC is an annual event where engineering students from schools across Canada gather to compete in a variety of competitions (junior and senior design, re-engineering, debates, consulting, etc).

The first step is to find someone who would chair the organizing committee. This is where YOU come in!

The chair would recruit and lead a team to organize CEC 2022 with help from the Canadian Federation of Engineering Schools (CFES). An ideal chair would have strong organizational skills, experience with MEC/QEC/CEC, and the ability to lead a team of their peers. As CEC 2022 will take place in March 2022, candidates must also not be graduating until May 2022 at the earliest. Applications will close June 30 at Noon EST. Questions can be emailed to vpexternal@mcgilleus.ca

Skills: Organizational, team leading

 Online Interview
 July 2020 - March 2022