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|Day Events  
|Day Events  
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Engineering Orientation Week
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Orientation-week or O-week or more generally Frosh is an event for entering students filled with enjoyable activities, networking sessions to meet new students and Dank Memes.

What is Frosh?

Frosh (aka Orientation Week) is a 5 day long event filled with activities, parties, concerts, food and new friends! It is your introduction to Montreal, McGill and your new faculty which makes it an integral part of your first year of university. We know it can be intimidating at first, starting this big new chapter of your life, so we in the frosh community (coordinators, leaders and staff) are here to give you a warm welcome and ensure that you kick off your undergrad life in the best way possible

Frosh Events

At the beginning of September, day and night you’ll be busy making amazing memories as a result of the busy schedule of orientation week. Here’s a short recap of the types of events:

Day Events - Includes a park party, the Engineering Hard Hat Challenge, of course great times at OAP (Open Air Pub - McGill’s famous Engineering-run barbeque, music and BEvERage heaven) and much more!

Night Events - The coolest parties featuring amazing music music and amazing people, including our traditional Toga Party

Beach Day - A day long event that makes life long memories #beachdayeveryday

Pub Crawl - What other great way to get to know your new home? Nuff said For more info on the scheduling of our events, check out our schedule!

To request more information about accessibility, venues and everything else, contact your coords at oweek@mcgilleus.ca or message our Facebook page, McGill Engineering Frosh.

Frosh History

Previous Frosh Themes

Year Theme
2019 TBA
2018 Froshed Ashore
2017 The Frosh and the Furious
2016 One Frosh to Rule Them All
2015 The Frosh Awakens
2014 Frosher Heroes
2013 Frosh of Thrones
2012 RodeO-Week
2011 Hawaii Five-O-Week
2006 Animation Domination O-Week
2003 O-Week of the Gods
2002 Medieval O-Week
2001 Superhero O-Week
2000 Double O-Week (James Bond)
1999 Aussie O-Week

Frosh Committee

The Frosh Committee is a group of engineering students who come together to over a period of 5-6 months before orientation week to plan and run the week. The 2019 Frosh coordinators are listed in the table below.

Position Coordinator
Comms Sam Cattani
Day Events Anna Symon
Merch Jenny Li
Pub Crawl Ben Lusterio-Adler
Sponsorship Alex Moreau
Leaders and Staff AJ Masri
Float Owen Quinn
Night Events Yasemin Bicer
Sustainability Maya Kenton
Chiefs Ella Reifsnyder and Kevin Alforque
VP Interal Spencer Handfield
IFC David Ritch

What Roles Exist on the Committee

Communications - In change of social media, branding, videos, etc

Day Events - Organizes Park Party, Hard Hat Challenge, Sunday event, Food Crawl

Night Events - Plans large-scale events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

Sponsorship - Brings in that $$$. Typically hired before other coordinators

Pub Crawl - In charge of organizing all things crawl, including signing bars and planning the route

Sustainability - Assures safe and accessible frosh for all

Leaders and Staff - Coordinates leader and staff interviews, forms groups and makes staff schedules, organizes socials throughout the Summer

Float - Does a little of everything. Floats around

Merch - Designs and orders all the merchandish for everyone doing frosh - froshies, leaders, staff and coords

IFC (Interfaculty committee) - Works with other faculties to organize Beach Day and transportation, as well as all-faculty concert night on Thursday night

Chiefs (2) - Usually coords from previous years. Don't really do much, to be honest. (This is a joke. They select the coords along with the internal, plan retreat, set up registration and keep everyone in line)

EUS VP internal - Big boss of everyone, deals with budget and makes all executive decisions.

What Events Exist in Frosh