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[[Category:Annual Tracking]]
[[Category:Annual Tracking]]
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[[Category:VP Academic Groups]]

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Engineering Peer Tutoring Service
Manager: Sinan Abi Farraj
Location: Frank Dawson Adams Building, Ground Floor, Room FDA6B

The Engineering Peer Tutoring Service, or EPTS, offers free tutoring of U0 and U1 classes for engineering students. Our tutors go through a rigorous selection process and are able to provide students with the help that they need. All of our tutors are undergraduate students that have taken the courses that they are tutoring. We hold weekly drop in hours in FDA 6B as well as midterm and final exam review sessions. Whether you need help with an assignment, study for an exam or sharpen your skills, EPTS is for you!

Services Offered

Tutoring Position Tutor Courses Supported Office Hours? Review/Study Sessions?
Chemical Engineering Deifilia To CHEE 200, CHEE 204, CHEE 220, CHEE 231 Yes Yes
Civil Engineering Salar Jalali CIVE 205, CIVE 206, CIVE 207, CIVE 290 Yes Yes
Computer Science Mukit Bin Momin COMP 202, COMP 208 Yes Yes + MATLAB
Electrical, Computer & Software Engineering Greg Cooke ECSE 200, ECSE 205, ECSE 206, ECSE 210, ECSE 222 Yes Yes
Mechanical Engineering Hansen Liu MECH 210, MECH 220, MECH 240 Yes Yes
Mining & Materials Engineering Sinan Abi Farraj MIME 209, MIME 212, MIME 250, MIME 261, MIME 341 Yes Yes
Partial Differential Equations Denis Kartachov MATH 271 Yes Yes
U0 Math Dylan Havelock and Nabila Shifat MATH 133, MATH 140, MATH 141 Yes Yes
U0 Physics Feras Al Taha PHYS 131, PHYS 142 Yes Yes
U1 Math Judy Park and Itai Wine MATH 262, MATH 263, MATH 264 Yes Yes


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