Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society

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The Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student Society
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Lounge Location: Trottier 1060

The Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Student Society (ECSESS) is a student organization in the Department Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill. ECSESS is dedicated to improving student life and making students time in McGill Engineering as memorable as possible. ECSESS strives to provide the best for ECSE students by representing them on the department and faculty levels. We’re also committed to addressing academic concerns, organizing challenging and educational activities. We make our home in Trottier 1060. Our lounge boasts a piano, game cube, foosball table and much more so come chill!

For more information, please visit our website and Facebook page.



ECSESS Coffee House 2016

ECSESS Coffee House is held twice a year in the EUS Common Room. Come warm up to a nice cup of coffee, have some sweets, and enjoy some of your classmates' amazing musical talents. (all acts are welcome!)


Are you looking for an internship or a full-time job? Do you want to connect with the engineering industry? ECSESS offers you the opportunity to visit some awesome companies Candadian cities high tech industry. Companies in the past years included Shopify, Cisco, Ciena, Alcatel Lucent, IBM and more! Usually held in February, come join us and make connections and friends along the way!

Blues Pub

Twice a year, ECSESS hosts a pub in the basement of the McConnell building, in the common room. Come enjoy a beverage and a grilled cheese, try your hand at our die games and socialize with fellow engineers and friengineers.


CodeJam is a 48-hour team-based programming competition fueled by great minds and energy drinks. McGill University's ECSESS is collaborating with some of Montreal's biggest software companies to make a challenging, real-world application problem for you to solve. The yearly website can be found at codejam.mcgilleus.ca


Banquet is held twice a year, in a nice restaurant. It is a nice opportunity to wine and dine with your fellow classmates (and sometimes profs) and to finish off a semester in high spirits!

Industry and Professor Speaker Series

Curious about what your professionals and professors do? The industry and professor speaker series are a great way to discover their passions! Come hear them speak about their education, career path, research and interests.

Pancake Breakfast

Our famous pancake breakfast run several times per semester, in mornings and provides you with delicious pancakes to fuel your hustles. We sell 2 pancakes for 1$ or 5 for 2$. Chocolate and maple syrup is free, but fruits and chocolate chips are 50¢ per 2 scoops.


The ECSESS Lounge

The ECSESS Lounge is located on the first floor of the Trottier building. It is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. During those times, a member of the ECSESS Council will be hosting office hours and is available to answer questions, sell tickets for events or stamp posters so that they can be put on the Trottier bulletin boards.

Study Room Bookings

Study rooms on the fifth floor in Trottier can be booked by students. Rooms 5103, 5014, 5015, 5106, 5107 are available on bookings.mcgilleus.ca, access with a Google account. Every room comes with a conference table and a blackboard with chalk. Room 5105 is the largest room and room 5103 is the smallest.

Student Council

The student council consists of an executive committee and departmental and yearly representative. The executives positions are:
Current ECSESS Council (source)
  • President,
  • Vice President Finance,
  • Vice President Internal,
  • Vice President External,
  • Vice President Academic Affairs,
  • Vice President Administration,
  • Vice President Communications.

The representatives positions consist of:

  • U0 rep
  • U1 EE Rep
  • U1 CE Rep
  • U1 SE Rep
  • U2 EE Rep
  • U2 CE Rep
  • U2 SE Rep
  • U3 EE Rep
  • U3 CE Rep
  • U3 SE Rep
  • U4 EE Rep
  • U4 CE Rep
  • U4 SE Rep


2018-2019 Council
Position: Name:
President Elie Elia
VP Finance François-Eliott Rousseau
VP Internal Dafne Culha
VP External Laurie Zaccarin
VP Academic Gabrielle Doucette-Poirier
VP Administration Sabrina Chan
VP Communications Massiva Mahamli
U0 Representative Dina Shoham
U1 Electrical Engineering Representative Nikhil Jebesh Moses
U1 Computer Engineering Representative Ali Tahmasebi
U1 Software Engineering Representative Amelia Cui
U2 Electrical Engineering Representative Nicolas Bieber
U2 Computer Engineering Representative Catherine Caron
U2 Software Engineering Representative Katie Younge
U3 Electrical Engineering Representative Evelyne Sanscartier
U3 Computer Engineering Representative Paul Hooley
U3 Software Engineering Representative Ammar Rudani
U4 Electrical Engineering Representative Bogdan Dumitru
U4 Computer Engineering Representative Ajay Patel
U4 Software Engineering Representative Yuliya Volodina


Events Committee

The events committee is in charge of helping the VP internal organize CoffeeHouse, Blues Pub, Banquet, Pancake Breakfasts and Pub Crawls. The members of the events committee also volunteer for those events.

CodeJam Committee

The CodeJam committee is in charge of organizing and running CodeJam. The committee is part of the VP Technical Development's portfolio. Roles include food, logistics, swag, design, and others.


ECSESS RoboElectronics is an organization aiming to teach McGill ECSE students basic hands on electrical and electronics skills. Through weekly workshops, they teach you everything you need to know in order to build and program your own autonomous robot. What’s more, an end of semester competition will tie everything in and allow you to measure your skills against your fellow classmates. By joining ECSESS RoboElectronics, you will gain: problem solving skills, the ability to work in teams in order to accomplish a complex task and, last but not least, technical knowledge not taught in class.