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This is a page to organize Deals, Deals, Deals for EUS Groups! If you think you scored a rad deal and want to include it here, you can manually update this page or you can fill out this form.

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Company Name Details Contact Info
Med Pizza 10% discout on pizza - mention "McGill Engineering" (514) 982-0982
Vissionaire Catering Well priced food for events (chili, pasta salads, hummus, salads) - order for fewer people than you expect because there will be leftovers!, (514) 750-2531
Domino's Pizza 50% off all pizza delivery orders on Mondays. Order online,

Coupon code: MON50P


Company Name Details Contact Info
Quality Sport Anything McGill related clothing wise - has license to use the McGill name and logo, will also custom embroider Lindsay Park-Mezey,
Patagonia Patagonia sells high quality and more expensive items. They offer a 15% discount for the EUS because we are a not-for-profit. Patagonia has substantial sales at different times of the year (40-50% off), and as an added bonus, they donate 1% of proceeds to grassroots environmental causes! Their store that does corporate orders is in Toronto, but they'll ship for free on orders over $75. Once your order arrives, you can get it embroidered through Quality Sport. Cory Gould, (416) 861-1102,
Neil Janna Anything McGill related clothing wise - has license to use the McGill name and logo, will also custom embroider, especially good for large orders or, (514) 805-5653
Altitude Sports Sells higher end brands like Northface, Pantagonia, etc. Good sales during Blackfriday
Entripy Cheap custom apparel (ie - t-shirts's) Fun Fact: based in Oakville, Ont! #local
Vistaprint Promotional Products No minimum order on sweaters, nice embroidery, very easy to customize and submit online. The promotional products (this whole site) sometimes have limited sizes/colours, but you can find some a lot cheaper than the regular website. $35/sweater.
Vistaprint Hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, tote bags, t-shirts. $820 for ~35 pieces of merchandise
The Detailed Diva Inc $30/sweater when ordering smaller quantities (20). Really great service and delivers on campus at no extra cost!, contact Crstina
Custom Socks Roughly $9/pairs of custom socks when ordering 100 pairs. The socks are cool and high quality. Would recommend if you want to make some really interesting merch. From the US and there is no tax.
4Imprint Custom toques, $9/hat when ordering 50.
The Sweater Guys McGill students who are currently in their second year. Extremely entrepreneurial and very strong service. Might be slightly pricey, but the turnaround is extremely fast. If you place the order on Monday, you can expect to receive the clothing on Saturday. $7/tshirt when purchasing 50 t's. They also sell sweaters.
PopHDWR Quality custom toque supplier! Reasonably priced as well. They were used for the OAP toques and the Engineering toques. (438) 381-6577,
A.I. Merch Custom screen printing on clothing including tshirts, long sleeved t's, and sweatshirts! Plus, they're located in Montreal! (514) 800-6982,,

Promotional Material

Company Name Details Contact Info
FQS Printing Canada FQS Printing is an online based printing company that provides fast, high-quality printing and quick service. We focus on customer satisfaction as our highest priority.
stickerscanada 1000 stickers, $100. Cheapest Rate. Oddly it comes from Korea, so not really Canadian
sticker mule Can order various quantities (100+) of high quality stickers. Reach out to to inquire about a sponsorship of store credit in exchange for putting their logo on your EUS group's website.
The Studio Inexpensive, high quality patches
School Tattoos Tattoos (1.5 by 1.5 inches). Higher quantities are extremely cheap. 500 tattoos has a base price of 110 ish, 1000 is 130, etc. Paid $130 for 1000 stickers
Jonarts Custom padfolios (Vinyl folders). Strong quality, pricing is very cheap for bulk orders. $6000 / 1750 padfolios.
Decografix Custom shot glasses. Really cheap price, also a high profit merch item. $400 / 150 glasses.
4Imprint Primetime pens. Very cheap pens, scale with quantity, high quality. $720 / 1700 pens.
4Imprint Custom pins. You can find custom pins for cheaper, quality turned out really good though. $350 / 250 pins.
Moo! Business cards and other printing services. Extremely high quality business cards, constantly has promotions. $80 / 400 cards.


Company Name Details Contact Info
EMCO inc Electric generators
Celebrations Tables, chairs
MOOG Music equipment
Medtech Event Wristbands. Depends on how many designs need to be set up, but very easy to make cheap bracelets. $866.34 / 4500 wristbands
Copidata Industrial printers. Felt the price was priced competitively, my guy sucked to work with, but the end product was strong. $2,150.00 / 2 printers
CCR Solutions Projectors, Projector Screens, Printers, Desktop PCs, Mics, Speakers, Mixers, variety of cables. While the pricing doesn't really make sense without the whole contract, this group is competitively priced for AV equipment in all aspects. Absolute pleasure to work with and extremely reliable. $11,000 went a long way.
CTM Radios + Ear Pieces. Extremely easy to work with and reliable, equipment was very strong. Renting 23 for 4 days costs $1050.
Symphony Buses An "easy-ish" bussing company to work with. 4 buses for 6.5 hours each cost $1680.


Company Name Details Contact Info
PGSS Thomson House 1 ballroom available for booking (for 100-125 people). 340$ for 4 hours., Bliss Ward


Company Name Details Contact Info
Abra Electronics Extremely vast variety of electronics components, 3D printing, PCB printing and anything hardware. Local to Montreal (Metro de la Savane) with affordable shipping.

Fun Deals

Company Name Details Contact Info
Costco Roses. Mark up for $2 / $3 a rose and it could be neat valentines day tradition? Generated high profits with these in the past, made about 600/700. ($130 for 100 could be used for PPO valentines sales?). $650 / 500 roses.
Canada Computers Local electronics store that offers 10% off on accessories to students and a lot of great sales on PC parts, peripherals, gaming consoles, TVs, and monitors