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The EUS Constitution is the presiding document for the student society. It outlines many fundamental roles, definitions, mandates, and goals of the EUS overall. A constitution is an agreement between the engineering undergraduate students and the Society. It was originally written in 1974 and continues to be amended as needed.

Departmental Constitutions

Departmental Society Last Amended First Adopted
Architecture Students' Association 2021-03 2012-03
Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Society 2023-03 20??-??
Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (TBA) 20??-?? 1991-09
Chemical Engineering Students' Society 2020-03 2012-??
Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society (TBA) 20??-?? 2011-02
Materials Engineering Undergraduate Society 2022-12 2013-05
McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers 2020-03 1991-??
Co-op Mining Engineering Undergraduate Society 2020-10 1998