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The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS) is a student organization within the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Our purpose is to hold activities and events that promote a sense of community within the Civil Engineering department. The CEUS also works closely with the Engineering Undergraduate Society of McGill. All undergraduate students studying civil engineering automatically become members of the CEUS upon registration.

For more information, please visit our website, Facebook page, or check out the Civil Newsletter (automatically sent to all civil engineering students)


The CEUS organizes a wide range of activities for Civil Students! Activities can range from social events, industry tours, academic events, etc.

Civil Colloquium

Colloquium is an annual departmental trip hosted by the CEUS. The trip lasts 4 days and is comprised of industry tours as well as social events.

  • Colloquium 2019: Quebec City
  • Colloquium 2018: Kingston
  • Colloquium 2017: Ottawa



  • Fall and Winter Civil Banquets
  • Apartment Crawls
  • Civil Blues Pubs
  • Year Socials
  • Wings nights

or come hang out in the Civil Common Room! (MD 291)

Professional & networking


Civil and Sandwiches Speaker Series with Professors

CSCE Networking Events

Industry site visits

Design Teams

Design teams are a huge part of the undergraduate experience. Many civil students join the following clubs here at McGill:

Concrete Canoe

Bridge Building

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice-President Finance
  • Vice-President Internal
  • Vice-President Communications
  • Vice-President External & C.S.C.E. McGill Student Chapter President
  • Vice-President Academic Affairs
  • Vice-President Administration
  • Vice-President Events
  • U0, U1, U2, U3 and U4 Year Representatives
  • Equity & Mental Health Rep


2019-2020 Council
Position: Name:
President Graham Saunders
VP Academic Rebekah Clarke Robinson
VP Communication Xuejiao Long
VP External Philippe Allard
VP Finance Luc Plamondon
VP Internal Karam Soussi
VP Administration Olivia Seamone
VP Events Karine Flamand
Equity & Mental Health Rep Sneha Singh
U0 Rep Anushri Pundit
U1 Rep Mo Bardaweel
U2 Rep Eyad Amer
U3 Rep Julian Pucella
U4 Rep Harjas Mann
2018-2019 Council
Position: Name:
President Hayley Jacobs
VP Academic William Nauss-Connors
VP Communication Leïlah Yadia Kelly Sory
VP External Christian Gilroy
CSCE President Amira Kadray
VP Finance Victoria Shaw
VP Internal Graham Saunders
VP Administration Rebekah Clarke-Robinson
VP Events Amanda Forsans & Nicolas Prince
Equity & Mental Health Rep Julia Rafferty
U0 Rep Olivia Seamone
U1 Rep David Kim
U2 Rep William Harris
U3 Rep Philippe Allard
U4 Rep Joon Lee

2017-2018 Executive Team
Position: Name:
President Dominiche cliche
VP Academic Lauren Anderson Petitpas
VP Communication Katya Zappitelli
VP External Hamza Al Ktaishat
VP Finance Daniel Tuccinardi
VP Internal Hayley Jacobs
VP Administration Amara Regehr
VP Events Victoria Shaw
Equity & Mental Health Rep Eleri Moynagh
U0 Rep Rebekah Clarke-Robinson
U1 Rep Amanda Forsans
U2 Rep Karine Flammand
U3 Rep Kevin Cole
U4 Rep Vincent Murphy