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! Professional Meetings (business & technical presentations):
! Professional Meetings (business & technical presentations):

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Executive Team
President Hamza Al Ktaishat
VP Finance Bohe Hosking

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a national professional society whose membership is consisted of practicing civil engineers, corporations, professors, and students like you. The society promotes professional development, exchange of knowledge, public awareness, and networking in the field of Civil Engineering. CSCE McGill Chapter connects students to the professional engineering world through construction site tours, guest speakers, industry tours and seminars. Membership is free!


The goal of CSCE is to link the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to the outside world. See how a foundation is laid, how a power generation plant works, how a site is renovated and much much more!

Goals and Objectives

Goal #1

Exposing civil engineering students to the working environment, professional engineers and to important civil engineering projects.

Action Plan: Organize fields trips to civil engineering projects, either construction sites or finished projects. Host seminars by professionals whose work is related to civil engineering.

Assessment: Continuous efforts are being made by the student chapter to ensure we continue organizing quality tours that are of interest to the civil engineering students of McGill. We are continuously thinking of new ideas for guided tours and for seminars. We believe that this goal was met this year as we were able to host a variety of events under various civil engineering disciplines.

Follow-up Plan: As was done in past years, we have continued to prepare an on-going document containing all of the contacts we have made through organizing events so as to aid future councils. This way they will have a list of Montreal engineers who are interested in our student chapter and are willing to assist us. This should help to make event organization easier.

Goal #2

Representing all types of civil engineering (structural, transportation, geotechnical etc.) in our tours and events.

Action Plan: One of the main challenges we face over the years is that most tours and events that CSCE McGill organizes are in the area of structural engineering. This happens for an assortment of reasons including the fact that it is the most common area of study among our students and also because there are an abundance of structural trip opportunities in near proximity to our campus.

Assessment: In our first semester, we organized a trip to the Champlain Bridge which touched on the areas of Structural and Transportation Engineering. We also organized a Speed Networking Session in which we had professionals from the Structural, Transportation and Hydrological engineering sectors. In the coming semester, we plan to host another networking session with professionals from all disciplines. We also hope to have a seminar on the topic of Transportation in Montreal.

Follow-up Plan: For future councils, the value of planning a diverse range of disciplines will be passed on so that CSCE can continue to represent all McGill civil engineering students.


Social Events

Networking sessions with professionals, debates between professionals, construction site tours, industry tours, and socials.

Past Events

Date Activity Type Brief Description
09/26/2016 SB “Infrastructure Report Card” – Lecture on the state of municipal infrastructure in Canada and steps needed to make it more sustainable Speaker: Mr. Guy Felio
10/19/2016 SPP "So You Want to be an Engineer?" panel (Mining Engineering and Civil Engineering) – panel discussion describing what the civil engineering program is like to General Engineering Students (undeclared freshmen)
11/04/2016 CFT Champlain Bridge Construction Site Tour - tour of the construction site of the largest ongoing project in Montreal
11/18/2016 PRM Speed Networking Event Companies in attendance: Arup
Poyry, Signature on the Saint Laurence Group
Beaudoin Hurens, AECOM CIMA+
02/16/2017 PRM “Sensequake TeaTalk”- Lecture on health monitoring and seismic assessment of structures. Given by McGill Alumni Farshad Mirshafiei CEO at Sensequake
03/20/2017 PRM “Insights into finding a job and moving up within a company” Tea Talk given by Ms. Carolyn David
03/22/2017 - LinkedIn Headshots
03/27/2017 SB “A woman, a mother, a wife and an engineer working in Abu Dhabi” given by Mme Maryse Hébert

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