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Please Note: This was taken from a thread in the McGill Subreddit, started by u/kotopii.
The original blog post can be found here

At my time at McGill, I have constantly been thwarted by my lack of microwave location knowledge. We have all felt the struggle of packing food at an ungodly hour in the morning and then studying in a building where we do not know the microwave location or if there even is a microwave! I never want to eat cold chili on a bench ever again. Please help me in this quest by commenting below if there is a microwave location that is not on this list, or if information is missing or wrong. I will edit the post to make sure the list stays current. And spread the word! Microwaves for all!
-The Mysterious McGill Microwave Master


  • Student lounge, main floor, to the right of the entrance


  • Basement

Burnside Building

  • SUMS lounge, basement
  • MUGS lounge, 3rd floor

Chancellor Day Hall

  • Cafeteria, basement


  • 2nd floor, student lounge


  • Arts lounge, basement
  • 6th floor lounge
  • Anthropology lounge,8th floor
  • Psychology lounge, 9th floor

MacDonald Engineering

  • 2nd floor, near CEUS lounge

MacDonald Harrington

  • Every floor, accessible by Architecture students

McConnell Engineering

  • Eng Cafe
  • MAME lounge, MC120, limited access

McIntyre Medical

  • 5th floor cafeteria

McLennan Library

  • Basement cafeteria, by Premiere Moisson

Otto Maass Chemistry

  • Chemistry lounge, basement, limited access

Royal Victoria College:

  • Cafeteria (Located by the condiments)

Sherbrooke 688

  • 3rd floor language lounge
  • 13th floor
  • 19th floor

Stewart Biology

  • MBSU Office, S3/6B


  • Cafeteria, 1st floor
  • ECSESS and CSUS lounge, 1st floor, limited access

Wong Building

  • Main floor student lounge, near the elevators and bathrooms
  • ChESS common room, main floor under stairs, limited access
  • MEUS common room, main floor under stairs, limited access