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E-WEEK 2023

Engineering Week (E-Week)

E-Week 2023:

  • Efe Grant-Oyeye

E-Week 2023:

  • Anna Gleason
  • Owen Quinn

Engineering Week, or E-Week, is a four to five day event in January organized by the E-Week Committee, which comprises the VP Internal, one or more E-Week Chiefs, and several E-Week Coordinators. E-Week 2022: Rise of the Villains, will run from March 18th to March 20th, 2022. Registration information is available via the E-Week Facebook page.


Year Theme Winner
2023 E-Week: Smackdown! ECSESS
2022 E-Week: Rise of the Villains Mechanical
2021 E-Week in Hollywood Chemical
2020 E-Week: Battle of the Bands Mechanical
2019 E-Week: The Final Frontier Mechanical
2018 Planet E-Week Mechanical (OP?)
2017 E-Week Tell No Tales Mechanical
2016 The E-Week School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ECSESS
2015 E-Week: The Uprising Mechanical
2014 DisnE-Week Mechanical
2013 E-Week 2013: Horton Scores a Brew Mechanical
2012 Viking E-Week ECSESS
2011 Rockstar E-Week
2010 Gladiator E-Week
2009 Monty Python E-Week
2003 Must See E-Week
2002 E-Week in a time machine
2001 Survivor E-Week


Before E-Week

Registration Race

Each year, once registration opens departments are expected to hype up E-Week and get the most participants to sign up in a short period of time. This period of time is known as the Registration Race. The main benefit of doing well in the registration race depends on the specific E-Week. However, commonly, the rewards for doing well in the registration race is the ability to choose a department's shirt color. Departments are given priority to pick their shirt colors depending on how well they did in the race. The rewards from the Registration Race may vary from year to year.

Clothing Drive

E-Week in its recency has had Clothing Drives run co-currently with the Registration Race or slightly later. Like the Registration Race, this week long event is a method of acquiring bonuses during E-Week. The Clothing Drive takes clothing donations from E-Week participants and tallies them into points according to a mystical formula that changes from year to year. In 2018, the charity chosen to receive clothing from E-Week is DansLaRue. The first place winners of the Clothing Drive receive the Big Blues Pub hosting privileges, this allows the department to have an extra Blues Pub and enrich its coffers and maybe splurge on its E-Week participants (bottles?!?). Runner-ups (Second and Third) receive shared Blues' Pub hosting privileges for the mini-Blues' Pub. If by any chance Old Patrol ends up in the top three spots for the Clothing Drive, their Blues Pub profits are donated to a charity of their choice.

During E-Week

E-Week is primarily a competition between the many engineering departments of McGill. All E-Weeks have a particular theme employed to increase hype and energy among participants. The participating teams are:

Additionally, a group of graduated students and older students known as "Old Patrol" are a part of the competition. Teams win points for a variety of things including winning competitive events like sports, design competitions, and drinking events. Points can also be received in the form of tiered events in the form of pre-drinks and overall rowdiness at night events. What more, some E-Weeks have physical bonus points that teams may obtain for being good sports or quite literally finding them, this last one is at the discretion of the coordinators. Finally, each E-Week has a large list of smaller tasks in the form of a Scavenger Hunt in which teams can complete to their own interpretation and degree. At the end of E-Week, the E-Week Committee counts up the points and the team with the most points wins E-Week and has their team name engraved on the coveted E-Week Trophy.

Event Breakdowns

Opening Ceremonies

The beginning of E-Week is announced and team captains are given the Scavenger Hunt list. Once the Scavenger Hunt is finished by a team, they receive their "Damned Thing" and, depending on their performance possible perks. These perks vary from scunt time bonuses to boat races major/minor deflection.

Beer Die Tournament

A Tournament of Beer Die is held over the course of two days at Blues Pub between all teams playing against each other in a pre-determined bracket during their available time.

Pub Crawl

Each team submits their team for this herculian event which consists of several stops around the city of Montreal finishing at a secret location. There are two team types, running and normal. The running team will participate in a scunt where they attempt to finish the Pub Crawl as fast as possible all while attempting to record the execution of ridiculous ideas orchestrated by the coordinators. Normal teams simply have to follow a leisurely pace and play the games offered at each pub stop. The pub crawl also consists of several food stops in order to feed participants with delicious snacks.

Beer Olympics

Multiple competitive events that are bracketed for all departments. Games include but are not limited to things such as beer pong, flip cup, stack cup, straws, straw chugs... These games are held to determine which teams have mastered the art of beer consumption.


A Sports Tournament is held outdoors and always involves Broomball and some other sports used have been Dodgeball, Flag Football and Quidditch. The tournament is usually split on several days in order to have qualifiers and finals.

Ultimate Pre-Drink

The teams hold a Pre-Drink or Pre-Game for their departmental teams. Coordinators go from pre to pre in order to judge the "venue" for rowdiness, fun and general theme appropriation.

Weapon of Mass Consumption

This weapon is designed and constructed by teams to meet the design criteria set by the coordinators. The end goal of this weapon is to consume the most amount of liquids in a short period of time.

Design Competition

Make good use of your engineering degree with this competition. All of your skills will be tested at this event. The goal, setting, and rules are determined year to year by the coordinators.

Bus trip to nowhere (DUSTED)

Hop on a bus and trust that the coordinators did their job correctly because this bus is headed to a distant land where you will drink the bars dry and have a fun night.

BOAT races

Need we say more... P.S. BOAT stands for Beer On A Table.



ECSESS received preferential treatment from the coordinators, and their victory is disputed by the second place team, Mechanical.


ECSESS disputes this Mechanical Victory.

The coordinators announced at the beginning of the week that the final scores would be announced during the Blues Pub following E-Week, a full 6 days after the last day of E-Week. One of the events was a game of Assassin[1], run on the EUS servers. A chem eng student who was on the Mechanical team coerced his Concordia Comp-Sci roommate to create a script to hack the game. Instead of waiting until the following Blues Pub, the coordinators decided to announce the winner as Mechanical over the weekend following E-Week, not leaving enough time for the person running the assassin game to check the server logs and verify that there had been no hacking. The point differential gained by the cheating was enough to put Mechanical over the edge; otherwise ECSESS would have won.


ECSESS disputes this Mechanical Victory.

The coordinators miscounted the points and awarded it to Mech. After re-checking, they discovered that ECSESS had actually won.


Old Patrol got the most points, but because they are not an Engineering department, they were not awarded the trophy.